Thursday, February 27, 2014

Amazing view...

Lunch date at the temple with Shay today. Sometimes all you need is a good visit with your sister and this amazing view to completely turn your day around. :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

family. music. & goats.

This weekend was a good one. It was one of those weekends where you feel like you got a lot of time to be lazy...yet you still found time to get a lot done. They totally exists. It was great!

Saturday my parents came over to watch ethan perform "Motzarts Requim" for Dixie State Choir. He has such a great voice. Plus he looks great in a bowtie! And my parents were awesome to come support him! Even though my dad was complaining he couldn't understand what they were singing. He suggested next tie they sing in English ;) Eth also had a concert Thursday night that his parents were able to go to! That one was in English!!

Sunday we went to Stake Conference with Ethan's parents and listened to Elder "" . He was hilarious!! Yet, he gave such a powerful talk. Probably one I will never forget. We then had our first dinner at the Janson's...and Eth's mom Shannon made homemade ice cream in waffle bowls!! Delicious


 It was my parent's 29th anniversary so all the kids/spouses pitched in to make them dinner! (our second dinner, we do that a lot on Sundays!) I am so grateful for my parents and the example they have set for me. They have taught me how to have and keep a happy successful marriage over the years. I've always wanted a marriage like theirs. In today's world with the high divorce rate, I am so blessed to be in a family that has not only survived but become closer over the years. Families are forever. 

We all went for a family walk which turned out to be more of a field trip to the zoo! Only in Hurricane can you see baby goats, pigs, and chickens, all at separate houses on one block!! Eth think's he's convinced me we are getting a  goat. ...We're not. They are cute, but if we are getting anything it's a baby because at least they grow up cuter...most of them. ;) (just to clarify, we aren't getting a baby anytime soon either)

 Oh he was so in love with them. If only I were a nicer wife!

 Eth and I took dad's motorcycle for a ride...he's getting the hang of it! Plus he looks good on a bike. I may be biased but I always think he looks good.

Great weekend. not ready for the week. Just day closer to...The WEEKEND!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Time to UPDATE!

I am really slacking at keeping up to date with this blog thing...but I so badly want to be a regular blogger. Practice makes perfect..I hope! I guess at least after this post I can now say I'm all caught up.

We did it. We hit one month of my life. Seriously married life is the best. Cheesy as it sounds, I can't imagine my life without him. There's a lot of fun activities or stories I could tell you about this last month..but my favorite would have to be our late night chats just before falling asleep. We sometimes get talking about who knows what and end up laughing so hard just laying there in the dark in our beds. Needless to say, I always go to bed with a smile on my face!

Valentines Day 2014

Our first v-day together we were driving in a car up to Idaho. Not exactly how I pictured it, but we just decided to celebrate a day earlier. Problem solved. Earlier that week I surprised Eth and got us tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters game then took him out to dinner as kind of an early v-day date. Then he surprised me Thursday and took me to one of the best plays I've ever seen. It was called "My Funny Valentine". They even served a very fancy low light dinner before the show. I've haven't laughed that hard in a while!

Valentine DIY Crafts! We decided to start doing a new craft before every holiday! Makes me feel so crafty! I can pretend, right?!

Eth really spoiled me. Got me this infinity initial necklace and had a group of kids come and sing to me at work. Such a nice surprise and those kids did fantastic singing "I Will", by the Beatles. Probably a new favorite song.



 WE GOT AN APARTMENT!!! I'll be posting pictures of that later once I get around to decorating!  We figured with our first place we might has well have some fun with our first keys! Bet you can guess who's is who.

A few random accomplishements:

Eth passed his insurance exam and started working at State farm. As a proud wife I'm going to brag a little bit now... His boss was very impressed with him passing his test the first time because he has had some employees have to take it 5-7 times before they could pass. Eth is so smart and catches on so fast, he'll do great! Plus look how good my man looks behind a desk. mmmmhhh...

Dixie State Coed Intramural 5v5 Basketball:

So maybe we didn't win EVERY game (or very many) but we did have a lot of fun! This team was made up of the Dixie Sun wives and fiances. Super fun group. Now it's time for indoor futsol (soccer). I sure do love playing intramural with Eth. Sometimes he even does really cute last second kissing me for the team photo.


 We've been up to Idaho a few times in the last few months to visit the newest and first Janson grandbaby.
 Had a lot of fun adventures up there including the car show and ty's baby blessing. So the Janson family consist of all four boys. One just had baby Ty and the other two found out they are both prego... with boys. Guess the boy gene is very dominate in this family. Looks like Eth and I could have the first Janson girl...later!

 Found the cutest picture of baby eth. >>>I hope our boys look just like him. Heck maybe our girls better take after him too!

Random date night: temple, dinner, and the new candy shop in town(: best way to spend time together!