Thursday, November 12, 2015

Pinterest Win

Lately I've been in search of a new desk for my office/craft room. With no luck finding one in my price range or taste, I was so excited when Shay found this table with free plans on Pinterest. Friday we bought the supplies and 6 hours later we had our final product! I haven't quit figured out how I want to decorate it, but it's coming along! There's nothing better than having furniture displayed in your house, knowing you made it with your own two hands! (and dads)
 I have the worlds best dad. No joke! He is willing to drop whatever he's doing at a moments notice to help us with whatever crazy project we come up with. And to be honest, we couldn't do most of our projects without him.

If you want to give this desk a try, visit this cute sister blog at - 
and good luck leaving that website without a million other ideas in mind! I think Shay & I plan have found our dream jobs!