Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Baby #6

As luck would have it, Ethan was away at Drill over the weekend which left me in hurricane at my parents house. Grandma Spendlove & I had our hands full last weekend. While Sky & Melissa were checked in at the hospital getting ready to meet their newest little one, we tended to the older kids. Sleepovers, games, walks, baths, & bed (attempts) was what our weekend consisted of. I love my nieces & nephews. It's hard to believe I'm already up to 6 in the last 4 years. We took the kids to meet their sister and while we waited for some other family members to have their turn, we distracted the kids by going on a walk to the temple. What fun it is to watch these kids light up seeing this "castle". The temple is a place of love and beauty. What a perfect place to go before welcoming a new member to our eternal family.  Welcome to the world, little Charlee.
Well folks, she's here. 
Charlee Spendlove
 8lbs 12oz 21in 
Feb 5, 2016


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, who doesn't love a good sunny day! Two weeks ago the sun was out and we weren't about to miss it. When these precious little faces ask you to go out and jump with them, how can you turn them down? You can't. We jumped, we laughed, we laid out, we photographed. Not too exciting of a post, but a memory I want to remember!
 These two are so close in age and already best friends. I hope they remain that way forever and be like my sisters are now, best friends. I love these girls so much and hope we always stay close, even after I have kids of my own. 
Berkley - Favorite Aunt Shauni - Carolee