Thursday, November 16, 2017


38 Weeks

Baby is the size of:
  Baby girl is about the size of a spaghetti squash! Almost 7 lbs and over 19.5 inches as an estimate. At this point, all her organs are functioning on their own and she could be welcomed into the world anytime now. Although we are trying not to get our hopes up in case she already has plans to stay in there until she's forced out. 
  •  I have to admit, I thought I would feel worse by this point. Don't get me wrong, I am sore and tired most often but nothing terrible.
  • I haven't had any known contractions yet. We did start curbing (when you walk one foot on the curb the other off, so you're walking unbalanced.) My sister swears by it to get the baby moved down into position so we're giving it a try. Anyways, I did start having either contractions or just cramping while doing that so at least something is happening. 
  • HEARTBURN. "This baby is gonna be so worth it" -Me
  • Warning TMI: I was checked yesterday on Tuesday and show no signs of dilation yet, but am very soft. After being checked I was spotting and show signs that my mucus plug is on it's way out! TMI...I warned you!  
  • I notice my stomach getting really tight one moment and then soft the next, so I'm assuming that's contractions but not hurting so I'm not complaining! 
  • At my last checkup I was measuring at 36 weeks for the third week in a row, so If I am still measuring at 36 weeks next week, my doctor will order another ultrasound. I am also scheduled to get my membranes stripped on my next visit!
Next Doctor Appointment:

Tuesday, November 21st 
@ Fort Gordon Hospital

Best moment this week:
  • Realizing we are two weeks out! Give or take a week! If she doesn't come on her own, we are getting induced on either Dec. 4th or 5th, which is when my parents will be getting here! That's the one plus side of going past my due date!
  • Ethan bought a car!! He has been searching for the past three and a half months that we've been out here, which has meant traveling a few hours each weekend to go test drive cars. I'm proud of his decision though because he originally just wanted a "fun to drive", two-door car but after researching and giving our growing family some thought he found the perfect car for him and our family. 
Happiness to Ethan right now is the smell of a new car!
2015 Ford Focus ST (Sports Edition)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Savannah Round Two

Giving the fact that we have two four day weekends off from Ethan's course this month and one of them being Thanksgiving & less than a week before the due date, we decided to head to Savannah one last time! Savannah is such a beautiful town and one that we will always miss. 

- Mirabelle Suites & Cafe -

This trip to Savannah we were accompanied by two friends Justin & Noah from Ethan's course. We took them to some of our favorite places from last time and then a few new places to all of us. One of our favorites was this adorable little diner called the Mirabelle Suites and Cafe. This place is a gem hidden in plain sight right across the street from the Cathedral. They serve delicious panini's, sweet or savory waffles and the richest hot cocoa. And as a bonus this weekend we got there just in time to watch the Savannah Veterans Day parade from the warmth of the front window. They put on quite the production that lasted about 2 hours! The streets of downtown Savannah are already magically breathtaking, then you throw a parade of honored veterans to the mix and it's unforgettable.

- National Museum of the Mighty Eigth Air Force -

When you're traveling with three soldiers on Veterans Day you have to make the most of it and stop at an Air Force Museum, even if none of them are in the Air Force. ;) It was a really impressive museum though and we even got in for free. To these three it was like Toyland. 

Friday night we found this awesome bar (no mom, we didn't drink) called Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos. This late-night dueling-piano saloon with songs selected by the audience & a delicious pub-grub menu was such a hit and one I definitely recommend checking out if you're ever in Savannah.  

The rest of the trip was filled with roaming the River Street Market and downtown Savannah. Which may sound relaxing and enjoyable...unless you're a 37-week pregnant woman! I could have sworn after all the walking this weekend the baby was on her way out! I have never been sorer in my life. However, given the ultimatum, I would much rather walk the endless streets of Savannah with this hunk than sitting on base all weekend. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


36 Weeks

Down to the last month of pregnancy?!?!? Woah!!

Baby is the size of:
  Baby girl is the size of a papaya and somewhere close to 19 inches and 6 lbs. I think she feels as though she's running out of room and making the most of her movements while she can! 
  •  I'm afraid Heartburn will always be first on this list! Luckily, IF I avoid too much sugar or chocolate it's bearable with the stronger meds my doctor prescribed.
  • My body is getting a lot slower and doing somewhat of a waddle as the baby is starting to descend.
  • I believe she is already a little feisty! She absolutely hates it when my belly touches anything. Especially laying in bed next to Ethan, she'll literally kick him if my belly touches his back. She also tried to kick the doctors monitor off my belly when he was checking the heartbeat last week. ;)
  • I am tired now...ALL THE TIME! I never do feel like I've had enough sleep. 
  • I've noticed the soreness set in each day as my body is loosening up and getting ready to have this baby! 
  • My feet/legs fall asleep really easily. I lost the ability to cross my legs a month or two ago, but if I have my foot underneath me on the chair, it falls asleep almost immediately. 

Best moment this week:
  • Getting to have our last ultrasound and see her adorable little profile while sucking her thumb! The main goal of this ultrasound was to make sure baby was in fact head down and no intervention would be needed to flip her. Thank heavens she was head down and face up! Let's hope she stays that way!
  • We celebrated our last Halloween as a family of 2.5. Part of me wishes she was here to dress up but the other part is glad she will be almost one this time next year and much more fun during all the holidays! 
  • We received our breast pump + all of the supplies for FREE from Tricare. What a blessing military insurance has been for us and this pregnancy. :) Now just keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly with breastfeeding. 
  • We, baby + me, survived accompanying dad in a Suicide Awareness Walk for a service project. It rained on us the entire walk but that really seemed to fit the mood of the event. 

Next Doctors Appointment:

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 
@ Fort Gordon Hospital 
(the first of weekly appointments!)

Extras from this week:

  • At my 36 week checkup, my Doctor informed me that I can have my membranes stripped on week 38. Basically, two more weeks and things are gonna get real!
  • We went out with some friends for Karaoke last weekend and Ethan had no problem getting up there on stage! He LOVES karaoke!


      To baby:        To Graduation:     Parents Coming:
27 Days +/-        36 days            33 days

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Happy Birthday Handsome

** H A P P Y  26TH  B I R T H D A Y   E T H A N **

Am I dreaming or are you becoming more and more handsome every year!? Officially 26, closer to 30 than 20 you old man! Every birthday of yours, I am reminded of how lucky I am to spend my life with a partner like you.

This last year alone has been a big one for us...

➔You graduated from College with your Bachelors in Business and an IT Minor. 

➜ You accepted a full-time job for a company called Printer Logic

➜ You commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Army National Guard. 

➜We created a precious baby girl to join our family this year!

➜We bought our first house in St.George, Ut 

➜We tour apart that new house and created a home - with so much help from our families.  

➜We moved 2,059 miles away from our family + home to live on base at Fort Gordon, GA

➜You started your 18-week Signals Officer Course.

➜You've survived living with a pregnant woman for almost 9 months

As your birthday approaches every year, I find myself filled with anxiety. How can I best show you how much you are appreciated? What in the world can I buy you to show you how much you are loved? Are there even enough words to properly express to you how much you mean to me?I am the luckiest woman in the world because I have you! I truly believe you are the best thing that has ever happened to me on this side of eternity.

As the time for baby Janson draws near, I've felt my heart skip a beat with just the thought of you becoming a daddy. The way you already talk about how perfect she'll be and how much she'll love you. You will take such good care of her because of how well you've taken care of me. You are convinced, with good reason, that you will be her absolute favorite. I can totally see this daddy-daughter relationship that so many people will be craving for themselves. 

Thank you for the blessing of being your wife and making me a mommy! I knew I loved you when "home" went from being a place to being with YOU. 
Happy birthday handsome husband.