Monday, July 3, 2017

18 Weeks + Kolob

Baby #1  18 Weeks
on Wednesday June 28th, 2017

I've been sleeping pretty well, as long as I'm not on my back. I still wake up about once for a bathroom break. Probably just due to how much water I'm trying to drink during the day to make up for how little I drank in the first trimester. It made me so sick!! Anyone else ever experience that?

Best Moment this week:
Our Dr.'s appointment last week. Hearing the heartbeat always reassures me everything is good and healthy with baby girl. I stress before every appointment that the Doctor is going to give us bad news, so when I hear that heartbeat I am one happy momma!

Food I'm craving:
Cinnamon Rolls. I need them. I want them. I almost drove to maverick at midnight just to get one. (It was the closest place to get them, but not the best ones) Today I am going to get one at Bishop's Grill. The best and biggest cinnamon rolls for $1. That's right. $1. I may have to buy extras for those late night cravings. I have also been craving salad and breadsticks. Mostly from Olive Garden. Mmmmh. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! 

What's making me nauseous:
*Knock on wood* I haven't been nauseous much at all this last week. In fact, I can't remember the last time I threw up. It's been heavenly! 

One thing I've really been noticing this last week has been sharp pains when I stand up too fast. I talked to my doctor though, and he said that's normal. Also all of a sudden, I noticed that I "feel" big. Like getting up off the couch sometimes requires Ethan's help. Not that I need it yet, but just that it's easier! 

This week I've been getting told that I finally "look pregnant". At work last week I had my first stranger ask me when I was due, instead of just staring and assuming I'm pregnant but not daring to offend me in case I'm not. It completely caught me off guard because she said, "well it looks like you've gained some weight!" Then I realized she was talking about my baby bump! My hair and nails are also starting to take off. My hair takes forever to grow so I've been counting on pregnancy to really get the length!

As always, just so happy and excited for baby girl to get here. (realizing I still have FOREVER!) I am in power mode trying to get everything ready and set up in the nursery since we leave for Georgia in basically 1 month!! 

What am I looking forward to:
Our anatomy test this month to make sure everything is good with baby girl. 
Also, I can't wait to feel her move!! I hear for first-time mom's you don't feel the baby move until about 18-20 weeks so I've been really trying to focus and pay attention to any movement so I don't miss it. I'm sure one day all her movement will drive me nuts, but for now, that's all I want is to feel her move!! 

Moments from this week:
The second trimester is making it way easier to get out and enjoy outings. Last weekend we went up to Kolob Resivor with my siblings. (Mom, Dad and Kyson are in Texas touring Kyson's mission). We met up there for lunch and took the canoe/kayaks out. Even got the dogs out on the water! I love living so close to my siblings. Hopefully, it stays that way for a long time to come! 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


BABY #1 : 16 WEEKS

 on Wednesday, June 21st, 2017
It's been a lot better! I have to go to the bathroom during the night at least once, but it's better than it used to be! I can't lay on my back too long without hurting so my right side has been my go to sleep position. And you can't forget that body pillow. In fact, we went up north over the weekend for a wedding and accidentally left it at home which meant I hardly slept all weekend. That won't happen again. I think my LOVE for my body pillow is making my husband feel a little left out. ha

Best moment this week:
I decided on a theme and made the first purchase for her nursery! First the crib for baby girls room and her little rocker to sleep in by our bed. It's making it all seem so real. I can't wait to see a sweet little babe sleeping in it.  

Food I'm craving:
I can't say that I've really been craving anything lately. I more just eat because I'm starving but usually regret it minutes after. I guess some of the things I'll eat any day without hesitation are peanut butter (so glad I can handle peanut butter again), and honey sandwiches, mac n cheese, and pickles. Surprise surprise, those pickles really just hit the spot!  

What's making me nauseous:
The only time I get nauseous now is first thing in the morning if I don't eat quick enough or if I forget to take my allergy pill. I have sympathy for anyone going through the first trimester and nausea. Nausea is THE WORST.

I'm tired. All the time! I literally almost fall asleep every day at work, right after lunch. I'm getting my energy back slowly with the hope that it'll only increase. If I stand up too fast, I get uncomfortable pains in my stomach, maybe the baby just trying to reposition. I feel like I have arthritis in my knees, which Ethan responds that it's "all the extra weight I'm carrying now". Yeah, we're gonna have to work on what is acceptable and unacceptable to say to a pregnant woman. It'll just take some time. ha I avoid the stairs in our new place as much as possible. 

I'm finally starting to actually look pregnant and less "fat". I'm even getting some rather awkward stares of people probably trying to decide if they dare ask if I'm pregnant. My belly button is starting to poke out a little bit. I'm an innie so I thought I would be lucky enough to not have that awkward bump on my stomach. We'll see with time.When I lay down on my back, I still have a baby bump. Which is saying something. For some reason, I just didn't feel prengnant when I laid down and the bump just slumped into my body. I've noticed when I hug people, they can feel the bump between us! 

Happy and looking forward to motherhood! I want to have her in my arms already, but at the same time enoying the time I have left to be selfish and on my own schedule. 

What I'm looking forward to:
Decorating the Nursery. Because of our move to Georgia in August and the fact that we won't be coming back until after baby girl's here, I have a little over a month to get it ready! I've already purchased some big furniture items for the room and have a bag of hand-me-down clothes to hang in her closet. 

New in life:
> Moved into our new place! Done cleaning, painting, installing the hardwood and carpet gets developed tomorrow! 
>Attended one of Ethan's best friends weddings over the weekend at a gorgeous location where I got to #dressthebump for the first time! 
> 3 weeks left of work! Sad, scary and exciting all at the same time! 

Home Sweet Home for Baby Janson

We are officially home owners 🏡 which gives us until November to baby proof the new place 👶#wearepregnant #newhome #babyjanson

Yup, that's right! We bought a house and we made a baby!! Life has been full of big changes for us. Ethan graduated in May with his Bachelor's Degree in Business with an IT Minor. We bought our first townhome in May and have been working on it nonstop since then. The owners before us had a dog, cat and a ferret which left this place pretty DISGUSTING. We had to completely rip out all of the flooring, bleach the ground, and paint it with Kilz. Now thanks to all the hard work of our amazing/selfless family, we got the whole house painted and have new wood floors and carpet coming soon! I can't wait to post the before and afters!
The best big change of all....our sweet baby on the way!! We couldn't be more thrilled!! We found out at 6 weeks and I got hit with the morning sickness bug just two days later. It's all still a little unbelievable but this growing belly of mine is hard to dismiss. Anyways, I'm hoping to stay updated on the next 9 months better than I have the last.

Graduation Trip to Seattle

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Halfway to 50!!

My husband is halfway to 50 and hotter than ever!! I'd say Ethan had a pretty good birthday weekend, filled with family, friends, food, and SURPRISES!! One of my favorite things about him is that he tries to act like his birthday is not a big deal...but I can always tell he's so excited! He LOVES surprises!! Birthday's are the perfect excuse to get work off early and just go play all weekend, so that's exactly what we did. 
We left early Thursday afternoon, with plans to get up to Logan to stay with family. Little did Ethan know, I had other plans. Usually when traveling, we only make quick dinner stops, but that night I somehow talked him into stopping at Cafe Rio in Orem. Shortly after sitting down to eat, Ethan noticed an old mission friend walk in and join us, and then another friend from high school, and then before you know it we had a whole group of wonderful friends who came to surprise Ethan for an early birthday dinner!! We love each and everyone of them that came! You know who you are!! Some of my best friends are some of Ethan's Mission companion's wives. They are so great and because I already like their husbands I can't help but love them!! 
The weekend started out in Logan, with our siblings Keean, Tami, and McCoy, and friends Zak, Jacquie, Chris and Shannon. We went to the corn maze, a beautiful hike up Logan Canyon to the wind caves, and then spent all Saturday in Lagoon! It was such a fun weekend and a great way to ring in Fall. Happy birthday babe, you mean the world to me!! 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

FALL has begun!

Hello! Can it really be fall already!? My favorite season of the year, no competition. It's been wwaaayyyy too long since I last posted. A lot has happened in the last couple months but these are just a few of my favorite moments! 

October 2016
Janson women attended the Saturday morning session after which the Janson men went to the Priesthood session that night. There's something special about actually being in the building during General Conference. Witnessing the complete stillness of thousands of members as our dear prophet Thomas S. Monson enters the room, is remarkable. The spirit is just overflowing at conference and I'm so grateful I had the chance to attend.

Ethan's old mission companion and wife came to town for the weekend and lucky us, we got to spend it with them! Having company crash at our house is always something I look forward too! I love meeting new people, entertaining by helping them to fall in love with beautiful Southern Utah, and hopefully doing my best to make our house feel like a home away from home for our guests. Spending our day hiking Hidden Canyon, in Zion National Park, with the perfect weather made for the perfect day with the best of company! Come anytime Raymond Family! 

 I work for the best office imaginable! We have set aside funds for, get this...FUN! We even have a fun coordinator, who's job is to specifically make sure we take a break and have fun! Our latest activity started with Dinner (Pizza/Pasta Factory) at Lori's beautiful house where we enjoyed the amazing weather and just visited around the table outback. Then ended the night at Tuacahn's Tarzan!!
Work is so much more enjoyable and rewarding when you've got that friendship with your co-workers outside of work. Some day when I am a stay at home mom like I've always dreamed, I think I'll actually miss these crazy, hectic days with these lovely ladies!!
(Missing a few girls and two awesome doctors who wanted us to just have a girls night)

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!! Just some fun pictures with these gorgeous girls. I'm grateful for all the girlfriends in my life. No matter how far away or how little I see them, they mean something to me!! Love you ladies!! What;s next fall!? I'm loving it!!