Tuesday, March 6, 2018


     It's true when they say time really flies with a baby! Somehow this chick is already three months old!  This month was a big one for her with all different milestones she reached. She definetley got more personality along with spunk! After each monthly update I tell myself , "this was my favorite month!" Only to discover the next is even better! She just gets cuter and more fun each month, if that's even possible! 
Weight & Height - Baby girl is getting solid. She's got the cutest chunky little arms & legs and neck rolls that require cleaning daily after her messy feedings! We didn't have a check up this month but our scale at home claims she is 13lbs and I'm guessing she is about 23 inches tall. She's outgrown most of her newborn clothes, fits nicely in 0-3 months and is slowly growing into some 3-6 months. Still in size 2 diapers with the occasional blowout unfortunately, 
Sleep -  I would like to claim that she has been sleeping 6-7 hour stretches at night but that only happened about half of this month. Sadly, she got her second round of the cold this past month which caused her to struggle sleeping long lengths at night with her runny nose. I'm crossing my fingers that she'll get back to those longer hours now that she's on the mend! She does sleep in her dockatot consistently each night and only on my chest in the am after dad leaves for work but that is mostly for my sake. We enjoy a good morning nap together! She is still getting about 5-6 naps in a day just depending on where we are and what we're doing that day. Grace mostly prefers mom to get her to sleep but Dad has been getting better and occasionally she has gone to sleep with other people. 

Eat - I'm happy to report that supplementing with formula has gone pretty well!  No bad reactions and she seems to like it. We are up to 4oz of formula mixed with 4oz of breastmilk. She'll usually eat 4oz per feeding IF she can stop talking and smiling at me long enough to finish! After a nap or first thing in the morning she is ready to eat immediately! In fact if a bottle isn't close by she will freak. She is little Miss impatient when it comes to feeding time! 

Recent Milestones - The absolute best was her laugh!! It just came out of nowhere one day when I was talking to her and almost made me cry! I was lucky enough to get it on camera the same day for Ethan to hear! She's done it a couple times this month after a lot of coaxing but I'm excited to see it more in the future because it's pretty darn adorable! This month she also seemed to have found her fists and figured out how to get them to her mouth. I guess that stage of "everything goes in the mouth" is starting already. Grace has gotten better at diaper/clothe changes and doesn't cry like she used to which is so nice! She has started to rub her eyes when she's tired so it's easier to see when she's ready for naps. One thing I didn't expect this early on is "stranger danger". She's really a mommas girl but still enjoys other people about half of the time! Grace is starting to learn to grab at things, like my fingers or her toys! She doesn't always get it or hold on very long but it's fun to watch her try! My least favorite milestone she's almost picked up is being able to roll over from her belly to her back. Only because I set her on the couch when I'm doing things and if she slides herself down and onto her stomach then she can roll off trying to get to her back. Luckily I caught her after her first attempt so we will just have to take more precautions! 

Special Moments – Grace had a couple of firsts this month. First time swimming - in a hot tub heated to an acceptable temperature. She didn't mind it but didn't last long due to it being her nap time. She's really starting to enjoy her baths so I have high hopes for her next time swimming. She also had her first outing to church! We had to go out to the hall a couple of times and stand at the back so she would sleep. I'm still a little nervous to have a lot of people ask to hold her, especially in relief society. I'm hoping that because we are still new to the ward that won't happen. Over all church will be a whole different experience with a baby but we are happy to be back!

Dislikes -I'm not sure she'll ever agree with her car seat but I'm happy to report she has gotten better! I credit it to the fact that she's older and is able to get distracted by other things now like white noise, her binky, pictures/videos on my phone or holding my hand reaching back. Her favorite is a picture of the three of us that really seems to keep her attention. 

Mommy Update: I am officially working for the dental office again running their social media. I've really missed being at the office for the social aspect, but by being able to stop in now and then to go over ideas or giveaways, it has been great! As much as I miss it, I would miss my baby girl too much to go back fulltime. I'm also working on trying to get a workout in each day as well as a walk. I'm just barely above my pre-baby weight so I'm trying to step up my game and get there and then not stop! That high you get from working out is something I need and crave staying at home. I find I'm more productive around the house and more motivated the days I work out. I also need that motivation to get out and be social. It's tough to find the energy to meet up with friends honestly but most of that is just due to Grace hating her car seat. It's just easier to stay home with her but I don't want to base my level of activity and interaction for the day based on a 10-15 min car ride with a "sometimes" unhappy baby! My goals for myself each day are to get in at least one household chore, eat three healthy meals, be active by going on a walk or workout sometimes both,  watch/listen to a conference talk and try to do something for someone else. My biggest goal that Ethan looks forward to and encourages is to have dinner ready or started when he comes home! Especially now that Grace will let me set her down for periods of time. I've been doing meal plans by the week with my sister Whitney and we have been going to Costco and splitting groceries so they don't go bad too fast! I really do hope to be able to refer to myself as a good cook someday!

Things I look forward to in month four are hearing her laugh more and getting more vocal! She seems like once she really knows how to use her voice she'll be hard to stop because even now she's already making all these shapes with her mouth like she is trying so hard! She has started to use her arms and hands more so it will be fun to see her reach for us! And most of all... her blessing day, which has been put off due to a busy couple of months and flu season! Hopefully she will sleep through it even though she'll be practically a toddler compared to the age most babies are blessed at!

** Goals for next month **
1.     Get her fully transitioned over to formula.
2.     Learn and experiment with more ways to help her enjoy her car seat. (Looks like I'll have to keep this goal up every month sadly)
3 .    Help her practice her hand-eye coordination so she can hold toys and be   able to entertain herself with them for a while. 

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Friday, February 16, 2018

My ValentineS

This year we started  a new Valentine's tradition! We each chose  a random day in February (not the 14th) to surprise & spoil the other. Hoping to make it feel more special rather than just expected.
Yesterday was the day Ethan decided to surprise me... He got off work early, was preparing a steak & potatoes dinner complete with chocolate & roses on the table. 
Not aware of this dinner date he had arranged, I was in hurricane working on a home project with my sisters and called to tell him I'd be home late. Being the wonderful husband that he is, instead of him being upset about his surprise plans being ruined he casually told me to stay as long as I wanted and to enjoy my time with my sisters crafting because he knows DIY + Sisters are two of my favorite things!
And that right there is just ONE of the many things that I love about this man. He ALWAYS tries to put me and my happiness first. ♥️

Although Grace and I did surprise him at work on the 14th with gifts, the month is still not over. I can't wait for the date I have planned for Ethan. Blog post to follow as soon as it's done. :) We had a wonderful Valentine's day celebrating our love for each other and now our precious baby girl!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


      How on earth is my baby already two months old?? Time really does fly by, despite how long some of the days may seem. This month grace's personality has really started to come out and she's only getting bigger and cuter each day! I'd like to think Ethan and I are getting better at this whole parenting thing, or else we are faking it really well. Grace, we love you and the patients you have with us. Here are the stats for month two, enjoy!

Weight & Height - At today's doctor's appointment she weighed in at 10'12 and measured 22 inches. She also had her first round of vaccines of which she handled pretty well. 3 shots in the legs and an oral one. Daddy got to hold her down and Mommy got to love her better. She held her breath for so long I had to blow in her face a little too get her to let the scream out. Poor thing! It definetley wasn't fun to watch. 
    After a few too many blowouts she is up to size 2 diapers that are arguably still too big for her, but in this case "it's better in than out" the diaper!  I think it's safe to say she definitely has her daddy's blue eyes that I can't help but stare into all day. She is going through that old man hair stage and balding around the backside but I have high hopes it'll start growing back in really soon so we can finally really tell what color it is. 
Sleep -  I would estimate she sleeps about 5-6 hour stretches...on the good nights. She's still not entirely sleeping in her own bed at nights but she has been doing 1-2 hour stretches at a time in her dockatot. I blame most of it on her cold and stuffy nose that keeps her fidgeting through the night. She just sleeps longer and better laying on my chest sitting at a more upright angle.  I have to admit, I do love when she's asleep on my chest, it is such a relaxing and heavenly feeling. In fact, the only time I can take relaxing naps, is when she's sleeping on me, so that I know she is safe and sound. How's that for your typical first-time mom, huh?!

Eat - She is currently drinking 4-5 oz as long as she can stay awake and interested! We have decided to start supplementing with formula so she is ready when the breastmilk runs out. We are hoping she'll be able to adjust well to it and have a smooth transition when it's time. 

Recent Milestones - Grace has been smiling a lot! She is especially smiley in the mornings. She'll wake up usually around 8 am just when the morning light is coming through our bedroom window and she just stares up at it smiling and trying her best to coo. It's a nice way to wake up every morning. Speaking of cooing, she's trying really hard to speak and getting better at it every day. It's the cutest thing to watch her mouth moving trying to figure it out and when she does, she smiles extra big like she is so proud of herself. And when she smiles, she really smiles. She smiles so big and you can even see it in her eyes. Tyra Banks would be proud!!

Special Moments – This month it was mostly just watching her little personality come out! She really is such a feisty little thing, which is exactly what she guessed she would be like! Even just from being in the womb. Grace did have her first outing with Grandma & Grandpa Hunt. Grandpa is actually known for taking random road trips/ adventures with his grandkids. They took us out to Glitter Mountain and lunch. We are sure this is just the beginning of many adventures with those two, they just can't get enough of little Gracie already! I hope she'll always have a special relationship with them. They were actually two of the people I was most excited to introduce Grace too. She's so lucky to have a few great-grandparents around still and I hope for a good many years of her life. 

Dislikes - Ethan and I joke that Grace is Bipolar. She can be happy one moment and then not even a minute later be giving us this pouty look or cry. Especially when it comes to her diaper changes or rides in her car seat. We have learned a few tricks to help her in the car seat. She does much better if one of us sit back by her, usually momma. Then she is finally getting interested in electronic screens which distract her pretty well from the fact that she is riding in her least favorite seat. I'm not sure whether or not I like this trick. I don’t want a kid addicted to electronics...especially this young. But at this point I will do anything to be able to get somewhere without a screaming baby. She also seems to be getting stranger danger aware already. Sometimes she will all of a sudden get the saddest look on her face and she only calms down when I take her. Sometimes daddy. I have completely mixed emotions about this one. Mostly because I love that she just wants her momma but I also need that time when someone else can hold her for a minute and let me have a break. The majority of the time I just love it though! We'll see how long that lasts!

Mommy Update: I feel like I am finally beginning to understand what they meant about always being tired. Regardless of how much sleep I get, the worrying and stressing over a newborn sure can wear you out! I do however feel like I am getting the hang of things a little better. I am starting to figure out what her cries mean and what she wants which is a huge help. I am ready and cleared to start working out again and it has been hard getting back into it. Not necessarily the work outs themselves, but the motivation to get up and do them. Not to mention finding the time that my little one will let me set her down long enough to get a full workout in. I am learning to be creative, to do mom + baby work outs, or going on walks together. That one is our favorite so far, even if she doesn’t last in the stroller for the whole walk. Just means another arm workout for me, right!?
      I’m learning to love baby-wearing. It really helps to be able to carry her and get things done around the house. Now if I could just get her to love it as much as me. It’ll come with time, I hope! It’s also been a bit of a struggle for me to not be at work from 8-5. I never thought I would miss it as much as I do. I think it’s mostly the social part of it, I miss my co-workers. Good thing I can always drop in for a visit. And I just have to remind myself, the work I’m doing now is much more important in the long run and where I NEED to be. I am just grateful for a hardworking husband who has a job to provide for us so that me staying home with Grace is a reality.

Things I look forward to in month three is Grace working on strengthening and using her little voice more. It is already the sweetest sound. I am excited for her to learn to sit up, to roll over, to reach out for us, to walk…the future is full of exciting milestones that I can’t wait for! But let’s just take it one month at a time!

** Goals for next month **
1.     Help Grace to continue sleeping in her own bed for longer stretches at night.
2.     Learn and experiment with more ways to help her enjoy her car seat.
3 .     Believe that I am not just “doing nothing”. I’m doing the most important things.

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----------------Glitter Mountain------------

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Newborn Grace

Newborn Photoshoot with Kortney at Dream Photography
Grace Mae Janson Dec. 16th 2017