Sunday, July 15, 2018

Duck Creek

 We spent the weekend up on Duck Creek at the Hardy's cabin. We witnessed the most breathtaking thunderstorms and such cool weather. If we could, we'd move up there ❤️. Growing up my parents went to high school with the Hardy's dad, Brent. It's so fun to be friends with their kids and get to spend a weekend together listening to stories from their high school Glory days! I wanted to remember this weekend so enjoy a video of some of the highlights. Can't wait to go back!

Thursday, July 5, 2018


      My baby is getting too old!! We have loved this last month with her. She's getting more mobile and better at entertaining herself. I dare say she'll be officially crawling by the end of the week! She has already"crawled" by moving her knees and hands forward a little but didn't know how to do it again. Right now she's able to get up on her knees without hesitation and then she'll rock her booty back and forth. The funniest thing to watch is her go from her knees up onto her toes, just like a little stinkbug!! She can officially sit up on her own and only falls over if she tries to grab/lean for something slightly behind her. She still doesn't quite understand gravity. As long as mom is in her sight she is pretty good about playing on her own. We bought her a little inflatable pool about 3ft X 3ft and dumped some colorful balls and other toys inside to help her stayed entertained. If I walk into another room where she can't see me she'll start to fuss a little so I just drag the pool into the room I'm in so she stays content. I'm excited for her to be able to actually crawl and just follow me from room to room if she wants. 

Weight & Height - We didn't have a check up for 7 months but by weighing her at home we guessed she's about 18lbs. She's still got her chunky rolls down her legs but I can tell with how mobile she's getting that she's already starting to thin down. It's bittersweet and I can already feel the difference when I kiss her little cheeks. They just aren't as puffy/ chunky as they used to be! Nothing will stop me from kissing all over her though!! She's still in size 3 diapers and wearing 6-9 month clothes.

Sleep -  Grace's sleeping habits aren't the best when it comes to nighttime and I know that's partially my fault (mom). I got into the bad habit of feeding her to sleep and now I'm trying to break that. So far it just depends on the night of she's gonna fight me or not. Early on I rocked her to sleep and cuddled her for some time before laying her down which I know most people will tell you is a big no-no. But I'll admit, I don't feel bad about it for one second. Sure she can't put herself to sleep in her crib at night yet, even at 7 months, but I decided early on that I would never get this much cuddling with my next kids. I'll be too busy getting my other kids bathed and to bed that I won't get this one on one nighttime routine that I'm lucky to have with Grace. Some nights she fights me to go down by tossing and turning but other nights she'll just go right to sleep. We start with our normal routine of bath, lotion, and feeding with dim lights then I'll turn on the sound machines/fans and climb into bed with her. Instead of holding her now I just lay her next to me on the bed and put my arm on across her or around her. She's big into cuddling, probably because of mom and dad being big cuddlers, and always wants to at least be touching me when going to sleep. However, now she'll sometimes roll away from me and spread out as she's falling asleep so we're getting somewhere. I know what you're all thinking. Why have I not done the CIO method?! I just can't do it. I won't do it. I'm not bothered enough by putting her to sleep each night to feel the NEED to do it. I'm just trying to help her obtain good sleeping habits in other ways. And no I don't judge anyone who chooses to use the method. To each her own. And who knows maybe I'll do it with my other kids in the future, that's something I just won't know until then. Grace has gotten really good at putting herself to sleep in her car seat. Never thought I'd say that! For a place she used to hate SO much, she's finally seemed to give in about the fact that it's just apart of her daily routine. 

Eat - After having a second cold of her life already she's finally healthy and trying to get back into better eating habits. When she was sick she was hardly ever interested in baby food or her entire bottle. Now she's excited to eat again and occasionally finishes an entire container of baby food in one feeding. Grace loves most table food and really hasn't found anything she doesn't like yet.  She drinks 4 oz and only sometimes wants more but for some reason is still only drinking from a size 2 bottle nipple. She absolutely refuses size 3 and acts like she's drowning when we use it.

Mommy Update: I've finally got back in the gym and it feels so good! I wake up early before Grace and get an hour in and then get back home before Ethan needs to leave for work. It really helps me to get up and get going and to have the energy I need to be a good mom. I believe a happy healthy mom takes a little time for herself often! Going to the gym just starts my day off right and puts me in such a good mood. I've also still been working my two side jobs and planning our first real family vacation! Now I've got a deadline to get in better shape before our beach getaway. Work hard, play hard!

We are really enjoying our summer, even though dad has been gone a lot at military things and work trips. It's been a good excuse to stay at Grandma & Grandpa's and spend time with them. We've played with cousins and done a lot of swimming! Grace is so fun in the pool and sometimes falls asleep in the water! Mom and dad even got to go on a date this month and Mom went to a work party. It's been a good summer and it's not even over yet!! 

** Goals for next month **
1.     More dates for mom & dad.
2.   Get her back in her own bed and sleeping longer at night.
3.   Crawling!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Happy Half Birthday Gracie Mae!!!!!

Weight & Height - Grace now weighs a whopping 16lbs and 15oz. She is 25.5 inches long and you can really see the growth! She is now in size three diapers to fit around that plump cute bum of hers. We just cleaned out her closet/drawers so she is now wearing some 3-6 and 6-9 month clothing, she's about right in the middle of the two sizes. This month you can definitely see the change in her size and is no longer our tiny little 6lb baby girl!

Sleep -  Unfortunately, sleep is not my favorite subject regarding Gracie right now. She's seemed to take a big step backward and is waking about every 3 hours again. Also, she doesn't sleep very long in her own bed and I've done what I have to in order to get sleep so I pull her into bed with me. I know, not good but hey a moms gotta sleep somehow! I think she just took after her dad and me and is such a big cuddler!!  In her defense, we did go stay at Grandma's while dad was gone for Annual Training, so she did have to sleep somewhere else and adjust. We have a few things we are going to try like earlier bedtime and adding things to her nighttime bottles to help her stay full longer in the night. We have kept up on her bedtime routine really well, including her walk and bath most nights. This next month,  I want to try to include reading a book as well. She still naps about 4-5 times a day but they range anywhere from 40 mins to 2 hours and I think she may be trying to drop a nap.

Eat - Grace knows exactly what it means when I put her in her highchair. She loves sitting in it and even stays after the feeding just to play with toys on the tray. We do still have to prop her up with a blanket but she holds herself up pretty well. She is eating stage 2 foods now and so far hasn't tried something she didn't like. I'm excited to talk with her Doctor this week about guideline as far as what other foods we can start letting her try. So far we let her chew/lick carrots and bananas and she loves it!  She is still just drinking 4 oz bottles every couple of hours. 

Recent Milestones -  One of my most favorite, is that she gives the best kisses this month! She will really just lay one on ya! Mostly Momma! I left Grace for the first time with Aunt Shay so I could go to a long overdue hair appointment. It was about a 2.5 hours in total and she did great! Okay, let's face it, I did great! haha It did help to get some pictures of her during that time to see she really was ok and happy though. We also left her with my mom this week to go on our first date, back to the temple! It was much needed and I can't wait to go back again soon. We also went to the cabin with Kort & Kevin and Shay & Tyson on Kolob this past weekend. Grace did great and loved being in the mountains. Grace has come a long way developmentally. She can pass things between her hands and hold things better. She will stop and just stare at her hands like she's never seen anything more amazing. She can pull herself forward on the carpet. She plays with her toys on her tummy a lot but hasn't figured out crawling just yet. She just laughs when I prop her up on her knees like it's just this funny game we are playing! She discovered her tongue this month and loves when I stick mine out at her and make the farting noise. I know, real mature! It's so cute to watch her get excited and try to do it back! She loves to eat anything and everything. Her gums are swollen, she's got a clear runny nose and she slobbers beyond belief but still no teeth to show for it! One of my favorite things of this stage is her love for me. She literally just stares at me with the cutest little smile on her face even when I'm not paying attention to her. She also started this fake cry/cough just to get my attention! 

Dislikes -  She hates to wait for bottles, especially in the middle of the night!  Grace still hates the initial getting into the car seat, but then she gets easily distracted with her bottles. She hates her own bed right now but is getting better. She doesn't like when you don't pay attention to her and wants you right down on the floor with her. She still hates the dark too, in the car at night I always have to turn the overhead light on so she won't start crying. 

Mommy Update:  I finally got my hair done and pampered which was so needed!! I'm doing so much better in the kitchen and was able to cook for a week straight after Ethan's two-week Annual Training because he couldn't stand another night of fast food! I am working random hours for both jobs and trying to increase my hours now that I can.  I found more podcasts that I really enjoy and I'm trying to do things that make me happy and feel like myself again. We have girls night Thursday nights when our husbands go to basketball and that's been great to spend time with friends again. I love being a wife and I love being a mom but I'm learning that neither of those words defines me, I am still so much more. 

** Goals for next month **
1.     Trying more foods.
2.   Get her back in her own bed and sleeping longer at night.
3 .   Going on more dates, espeically to the temple! 

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