Sunday, October 26, 2014

Save-A-Sister 5k

 This weekend we ran the annual Save-A-Sister 5k in honor of breast cancer awareness. The best part was training and running with my mother in-law and cancer survivor, Shanon. This year Shannon had a goal to be able to run the whole distance without having to stop, even once, like last year. The last couple of weeks we've been running together early Monday mornings. Then of course a nice little Yoga session afterwards. I can now say I've tried....and like yoga! Thanks for introducing me to it Shannon. And thanks to my family for coming to support Shannon and other breast cancer victims and survivors. I'm very happy to say that Shannon and I beat our goal! She did awesome!

Team Shannon!!


My family was so great to come run with us! Berkley had so much fun running her first 5k! Cutest little racer out there!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the race. The announcer said "we have a breast cancer survivor coming in" and Shannon threw her hand up as the crowd cheered her across the finish line. So grateful for her strength to beat cancer and her attitude for supporting those who are still battling.

Kyson took first in his age group and I took third so we got a cute little medal and gift. Shayli took fifth, Shannon took fourth, and Steve took first.

Side note: we missed Ethan running with us this year! He totally would have been there to support his mom if he didn't have drill this weekend. But I'm grateful he does what needs to be done even if it means missing out. Speaking of missing out, he also had to miss our primary program today. Luckily the kids weren't too crazy today and Ethan would have been proud of them! Still, I will be very grateful to have him back next Sunday!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Zion Leaves and Sunday Walks

 I love my husband. And I love Sunday walks with my husband! There's something wonderful about walking hand in hand just visiting with each other. Not having an exact destination in mind. Just out for a walk to enjoy the evening and each others company. One of my favorite things about going on walks with him is when he grabs me and switches sides so he's closer to the street. He does it because he loves me and because he wants to keep me safe. He's already such a great husband and takes such great care of us. There's no one I adore more. 

Walking is m main method of relaxation. I don't go over my lines or try to solve the world's problems, I just enjoy the worlds scenery and the wildlife. 

Fall is here and we couldn't let it slip by without going to see the fall leaves, so up to Zion we went! Our family has property up on East Zion where we used to have our family reunions until it got too dry and hot. For the last few years we've been having it up on Kolob, and as much as I love Kolob I've really missed our property on Zion. I can't decide if It's because of the actual property and mountain or just the memories I have of camping there with family. Seeing our property again after so long and sharing all my memories with Ethan was so exciting for me. For ethan, probably not so much...  But I am grateful he let me drag him around and show him anyways. We also had a little time to go out and ride the four wheelers with whit, adam, and berkley. Having family close to your age is great, but having your husbands get along too, is even greater!
I'm loving fall & wishing it could stay forever!!  

October Fun!!

A piece of advice....make time for girls night. It's always a good idea. ALWAYS!! These girls are some of my old friends. Friends who I know I'll always have. No matter how much time goes by before we can all get together, we still manage to pick right back up where we left off. It's been so fun to be there for each other and share in the changes of our lives. Lately including marriages, and babies. So grateful for these particular friends and others as well.

As we grow up, we realize it becomes less important to have a ton of friends, and more important to have real ones.

Birthday Boy!! He's my best friend, my greatest blessing, and forever the love of my life of my life. 
It's safe to say that with three different parties, he had an enjoyable birthday. Sunday we celebrated with my family in hurricane, Monday with his family, and Wednesday with our friends.


Ethan is such a wonderful man and deserved to be spoiled beyond belief on his special day. So trying my best and being the cheesy, overly loving, wife that I am....I left TONS of sticky notes all over our house with messages for him to wake up to. I surprised him with a cleaned car, inside and out! And a fun little "honk it's my birthday" written on the back! He hates the attention haha That night we celebrated with a surprise dinner/dessert party with a huge group of friends. Looking around at all the friends that showed up to celebrate with him made me realize how blessed I am to be married to such a friendly and likeable guy. We have some of the greatest friends around! He was very appreciative of it all and along with me, so grateful for all of the love from our amazing friends and family! There's nothing I love more than watching our friends and family be so kind and loving to my sweet husband, who honestly deserves the best! 

My parents decorated his office and brought him lunch!

Ryan, Lisa, Braden and Amber surprised him by decorating his car!

Monday night we carved pumpkins for FHE with some good friends. Ethan and I decided to really put our artistic abilities to the test with our pumpkin. I'd say we carved the best darn pumpkin I've ever done! Oh and don't be fooled, that small pumpkin being Ethans! :) Fall has been treating us rather nicely!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference Weekend

Who doesn't love Conference Weekend!? One of the best weekends of the year by far. Started off the weekend with a little temple date night and then got daring and made homemade tootsie rolls!! This was the first time watching conference together at our own place, and even though we had to set it up through our laptop, it was perfect starting our own family tradition of making it a priority to watch General Conference!

Saturday night, while the men went to the General  Priesthood meeting, the girls all got together for crafts! Mom, the sisters, and a new friend named Amy. Our GNO (girls night outs) have become a family tradition. We have been so craft crazy lately that we are trying to do it at least once a month! This months was of course Halloween themed!

Here we have our potion bottles and my black lace pumpkin! 

These Mummy and Frankenstein jars were a cinch and fun to make.  

Two Kodak moments I caught on camera this week... Liam hiding behind a tree in the backyard after he stole a toy and Ethan picking Berkley up to smell grandma's roses!!

 Our new friend Amy brought her adorable baby pig over for a visit on Sunday! Gracie loved Ethan and now he is convinced he needs a baby pig. Maybe someday...but maybe not! haha

It's funny how an adorable baby pig can really bring the family together! 

Our tootsie rolls turned out pretty darn good. Ethan loves tootsie rolls and was so stoked when he found this recipe, we just had to try it on date night. Not exactly the taste of tootsies but yummy bite size pieces of chocolate for sure!