Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween 2015

This year for family night we joined my entire family (minus Kyson) and went to "Sleepy Hallow" put on by Western Legacy Farm & Ranch. Basically they turn their cute little family ranch into a great halloween night out for family and friends. Complete with a pumpkin patch, zip line, corn maze, barrel train, food & beverages & even the headless horseman! It's really the perfect little attraction for the locals and even drew attention to people in Washington and St.George. We had a blast and it definitely quenched my "fall activity" cravings all in one night!

Terrible quality picture, yet the best dang family!! 

Berkley taught Uncle EE her way of smiling!

What a mean daddy, making her go down the zip-line with him! haha

Even though you can't really see him, that's the headless horseman behind us... ooooooh!! 

You're never too old for the corn maze!! Ya know, that's one thing I just love about this man. He has such a playful side and is always up for random fun. Let's not forget the many faces he pulls for pictures.

 The week before, Ethan informed me he had a surprise for Halloween night. He wouldn't tell me no matter how hard I begged! I have a love/hate relationship with surprises! Turns out he had booked us tickets for Thriller!! We met up with our friends Ashtin & Dillon along with their two friends, and Shayli & Tyson, at a new Italian ice place we'd never tried. So yummy and such good company. I love when Ethan takes date night into his own hands! It was so much fun and I loved experiencing his first time at Thriller with him! At our age, Halloween can be quite honestly...boring. With no kids and being too old to trick or treat, unless someone is throwing a part (ehmm Lacy) it's just any other night for us. So celebrating it at Tuachan was definitely a game changer! Possibly a new tradition for the Janson fam!

Save a Sister II YEAR 3

Third year running this race with Shannon and I'm only more impressed with her strength. For as long as I've known her she's never let "her condition" limit her. She beat cancer and she never stops pushing herself. No matter where we are or what we're doing, if she hasn't gotten in her steps for the day (her goal is 10,000 per day) she'll take off walking. For example, driving back from Idaho a few months ago she hadn't met her daily goal so when we stopped at a gas station, off she went walking the parking lot a few times. No excuses! We had been training for this race since last October. Every (well almost) Monday morning at 6:30 am we'd run our 3 miles behind Sullivan park on the virgin river trails. However, in August I started my new job and was no longer able to run with her. Loosing my running partner would mean loosing my routine and drive to go early every Monday. That didn't stop Momma Janson. She kept with it and it clearly showed in the race Saturday. Honestly Steve and I struggled to keep up with her. She improved her time and placed 2nd in her age group. In fact, our whole crew placed and received trophies. No big deal. ;) Next year will be her 5 year mark! She's already committed the whole family to come run it with her. Can't wait to run with the whole Janson clan! 


Saturday, October 24, 2015

The last of the leaves!

Oh fall, how I love you! I have been craving the mountains lately. Literally craving them. Believe it or not but I have been getting slight anxiety thinking I might miss them. Friday Shay and I usually both have work off so we decided we better start making the most of them together. Yesterday, we dressed warm, packed up the car, and took off to Kolob to find the leaves. I say "find" because we seriously had to go search for the last few bunches of yellow leaves left on the trees. We did a little hiking, a little trespassing, and eventually found what we were looking for. A beautiful field of yellow! Since I had my camera Shay and I decided to take a few pictures of each other just for the heck of it. Mostly because we both hate getting our pictures taken but we are the only ones who can say "Eh, no make a different face!" haha without offending each other because duh, we are twins.

Beautiful fall weather, brilliant yellow leaves, and the best of company! Already looking forward to our next friday funday adventure with this lady!

Yankee Doodle Canyon

 Thursday night some of Ethan's mission companions were in town and asked us to meet up for frozen custard. You know, just to catch up on life. An hour later we found ourselves a few miles outside Leeds starting our first repel into Yankee Doodle Canyon. Now that is what I love about hanging with these friends. You never know what the night is going to turn into. One of the ring leaders Case Hoffman and his wife Madison are your total outdoorsy couple. We had such a fun time, cold, wet, and all! During the hike we did about 5 different repels and for those that know me will be proud to hear I killed it. Never chickened out and actually really enjoyed the repels. :) Most of the canyon was filled with water which we managed to stem across. However, some areas the canyon walls opened up and since there was no turning around we eventually all gave in and swam through the icy/muddy water. We had some times where the men stepped up and carried the bags and equipment through the water. At times they even carried the women...hahah  Even when the water went over their heads, they made it work. At the end of the canyon Hoffman lead us up the side of the mountain which we basically had to scramble our way to the top. I will never forget that feeling of reaching the top soaked and cold, yet so pumped! What an amazing feeling. Freezing starving and wet we made our way back into town around 1am and rewarded ourselves with an animal style burger & fries. I wish I would have counted how many times during that hike, after the hike, and the next day that we all said how amazing that was and how much fun we had. We were an awesome team! And to think it all started with some frozen custard. I can't wait until our next adventure with these awesome people!!

 Taheir (not spelled right I'm sure) is from Russia and served his mission with Ethan. He was a champ and enjoyed his first time repelling and hiking a slot canyon.  

 Madison Hoffman. One of the coolest girls! Her & I did our best to keep up with the guys and girl, I think we did it! 


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Birthday Boy & Music Festival Security

October is by far one of my favorite months. Not necessarily for Halloween (not a huge fan) but for the fall weather change and for the day I get to celebrate my favorite person. Ethan is now the big 24 and man does that feel weird. I can't believe he is almost a quarter of a century old. Sadly, I had to work on his birthday this year but I think I still managed to show him a good day. I woke up and decorated the house with balloons all over the floor, presents on the table, and cinnamon rolls in the oven. Lucky for him, he had the day off so he got to sleep in, play video games, watch movies all day, and go to lunch with a friend. That night we took him out to dinner with family and friends at this new pizza place in Washington called Riggati's Wood Fired Pizza. Very good pizza and very good company!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man who still gives me butterflies, keeps me smiling and makes loving so easy! You deserve to be spoiled everyday but especially today! I love you madly babe <3

 In Hurricane on Sunday we made him a birthday cake, which to no surprise, the little grandkids blew out his candles before we even finished singing to him. Luckily Ethan thought it was funny and didn't care.

Last Saturday Ethan was assigned to help with security at the St. George second annual music festival. He told me if I wanted to see him at all that weekend I might as well go with him and I'm glad I did. We wore bright orange vests, communicated via walky-talkies and totally felt legit. ;) Shannon and Steve were babysitting Desmond for the weekend and joined us for the main event...Howard Jones. Don't know who that is? That's ok, me either! Apparently he was real popular about 30 years ago and still thinks he is today. He had all these special requirements for the security. Which I thought were funny since we, some college aged ROTC members were all the security he got. However, he did do pretty great and made for a fun day!

My man and his cheesy cheesy grin!

 The whole gang!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

General Conference in Idaho

This years October general conference was spent a little different than usual. As you may remember from one of my previous posts, we had two new nephews born this month just days apart. We've been able to meet and love on Ryker (whit's baby) but we had yet to meet this little guy. Last weekend turned out to be the best time to watch conference with family and meet baby Owen. Snuggling him all weekend was the perfect way to enjoy the words from our prophet and apostles!   

Not only did we get to love on baby Owen but we got to spend time his big brother Ty. His new thing lately is taking you by the hand to show you things or where he wants you to play with him. Ethan definitely enjoyed his time with this cutie and we miss him already!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Dixie Homecoming Parade

Last Saturday Ethan was part of  the Dixie University homecoming parade for his ROTC club. My mom rounded up the grand-kids to cheer for uncle Ethan and collect WWAAAYYY too much candy! The kids loved all the floats, cars, bands, and people especially the ones throwing candy! Berkley especially adored the princesses (homecoming royalty) who made it a point to wave right at her and blow her kisses. She was in heaven!! Fifty five floats later and uncle Ethan finally made it to us. To be honest I think the kids were more excited to see Uncle EE than the candy he had for them. I caught a cute exchange between Liam and Ethan on camera. Liam saw him coming so he grabbed some candy out of his bag and tried to hand it to Ethan as Ethan was handing candy to him. Such a sweet boy!  The kids got candy and I got a kiss <3 





 Liam wasn't too sure of everything going on. We usually had to push him out to go get the candy. He was always happy to just have Brayden go collect all the candy for the both of them!

 I love my mom who supports us in everything, even silly little parades! It was so much fun to have her and the nieces and nephews to watch the parade with instead of sitting alone. I am also grateful for my handsome man in uniform. I adore him and all his hard work!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Two Babies in Two Days!

This weekend has been full of surprises!! Ethan and I feel pretty lucky to be blessed with two new perfect nephews just days apart. Whitney and Lacey made two adorable boys! We've got some great family genes running through our families...hope they leave some good ones for us! ;) Introducing the newest members of our family!!

Ryker Dan Stephan 
 September 17th, 2016
 6 lbs 8 oz 21 in.

 Owen Hadley Janson 
September 18th, 2016
 7 lbs 2 ounces and 21 in.

Sadly this is the only picture I have of him right now. We are heading up to meet him in two weeks though so I'm sure I'll come back with tons!!

After such a good start to our weekend, Ethan kinda put a damper on our parade. He came down with a really high fever that lasted about 4 days. We're talking 103.1 temperatures. He went to the doctor and took some tests which came back informing us that he had elevated liver enzymes which could mean a whole lot of different things. Oh and don't do a google search unless your wanting to be scared! I learned that the hard way!! Luckily the Doctor just thinks it was caused by some type of virus going around so we'll just have to keep a close eye on him for a while. 
While he was so sick and sleeping away the weekend I decided to redo our coffee table to pass the time. I sure was pleased with the outcome!!