Sunday, July 3, 2016

Summer Training Part 1

June 5th - June 20th, 2016
This picture basically describes what our summer will look like...Him pretending to smile & be happy about sending his wife selfie's to keep her sane while he's away. I love my army man. <3

One thing that I wish I was better at is being on my own. Growing up with an identical twin sister who I was with 24/7, literally, and then getting married 9 months apart meant I never really had that time to be an "Individual" and figure things out on my own. Last Summer was the first time I was actually alone, for four weeks! I mean I had my family, but not my twin, not my partner, not my spouse. It was a hard and long four weeks. Until it was over, which then of course it felt like it flew by, but definitely not in the moment. Why is it that when you dread something it comes so fast and when you are excited for something, it's the complete opposite. Knowing that he was going to be leaving again this summer, made the year FLY by!! So somehow, here we are to Summer again and just like that away went my husband. For his first of two training's this time. The only downside to the army is when they take your husband away for weeks at a time! Luckily this one was only for two weeks, up in SLC and somehow it actually went by fairly quickly! Maybe being able to go up on the weekends had something to do with it! It really helped being able to stay with my parents while he was gone. I honestly don't know how I would get through any of it without them.

 One of our weekend adventures up north, feeding the ducks, until it started raining on us! Fun memories running down this muddy road back to the house. 

Our other weekend adventure consisted of Lagoon and helping some family move. Lagoon was perfect. No long lines, no unbearable heat, and I dominated all of the once "scary" rides!! Our cousin Austyn was awesome to car pool up with me and spend the day with us taking turns to be our riding buddy. She's been such a great cousin/friend for me!

 These cool cousins also did a temple trip with Brandon who is leaving soon to Canada!!
When I sure was missing my husband, their was no better place to be in that in the temple. The peace and comfort you find inside is incredible.

And now we have will have a little over three weeks until his four week training out in Kentucky. The plan at the moment is to make the most of our time TOGETHER and what Summer we have left!! I consider myself so blessed to have Ethan as my husband and best friend. I know it's not easy for him to leave me either and the last thing he wants to worry about on top of all his training and exercises is a miserable wife at home for four weeks. So for him I am doing my best to stay busy, happy, and sane! Coming up in July will be his last training until I will be going with him!! We got this babe!!

 I've learned a few things while he's been away...
1. I'm stronger than I think. It's all about my attitude and keeping things light and happy
2. I'm gaining a lot of respect for my husband nd his sacrifice & hard work.
3. TOGETHER is a wonderful place to be :)