Monday, September 29, 2014

fall is coming!!

I told myself one thing when I started this blog...don't ever feel like something is too small to blog about. I haven't blogged in a while because I was feeling as if nothing monumental or "blog worthy" had happened. That's bogus. The reason I started this blog was to share the every day experiences and happenings in our life that I hope to remember and can look back at some day.

Today, as I'm sitting on my parents back porch, I can't help but think of so many things to be grateful for. #1 is this amazing fall weather that just came out of nowhere. I can't believe I'm saying this but I am actually a little chilly out here. How great is that?! Fall is by far my favorite season.

Cooler weather * changing leaves * boots * scarfs * jackets * hot chocolate * cuddling * evening walks

Life has been crazy and busy lately. Which, when has that ever been a bad thing? I would rather be busy than have nothing but time on my hands. Being busy makes me feel alive, it makes me feel like I am accomplishing and working towards something. It makes me happy. The house has been more quite than I'd like lately. Ethan leaves so early every morning for his PT works outs for ROTC. Which is then followed by school and straight to work. He seems to be enjoying his schedule but always looks forward to the weekends! If I am feeling really productive my mornings consist of running/working out, reading my scriptures, cleaning and household chores, then working on my Medical Transcription Editing course.
Since starting my new job I've only been working part time with the expectation of starting full-time in December. Often, Ethan has to remind me to enjoy the free time I have now since I will soon be loosing it. I however, have to remind him that I can't stand to have so much free time. I am trying to make the most of it by attending the temple and working on as many crafts as I can handle, but I am looking forward to putting more hours in at work. Young married couples could always use the extra cash!  I am really enjoying the new office. Working with kids at a dental office is something I never saw myself doing....and yet now I can't imagine working anywhere else. My boss is amazing my co-workers are sweet, and the kids make it all worth it!
When Ethan and I are finally both home from our daily responsibilities, it's usually off to our institute class, intramural games, or hanging with other couples! We are pretty blessed to have some great friends.
We are gaining a love for our primary kids and even a love for teaching. These kids are so smart it's not very often we don't go a Sunday without them teaching us a thing or two. This gospel is true and it's wonderful to see these kids bare testimony of that every Sunday in such a simple innocent way.

Now Since, I've been slacking on posting, I'm going to do a photo-catch up! The pictures are random but I feel they go along with this sporadic post just nicely. :)

Last weekend we had the opportunity to attend a friends wedding up in draper. Such a beautiful temple! 


And like every good temple trip we had to go out for ice cream afterwards!!

 Kyson was trying to teach Ethan how to fly his remote control airplanes. I really wish I could upload the video ;)

Fall wouldn't be complete without our Dixie Intramural teams, flag football and outdoor soccer.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Logan once again...

Seems we are always up in Logan these days... Good thing we love it up there! Last weekend we drove up for baby McCoys blessing. It was a great weekend to see family and both nephews in one weekend! One of the best parts about our families, is that we are blessed enough to have all siblings strongly active in the gospel. One of my favorite parts of the gospel is that we can be with our families forever, for eternity! And who wouldn't want that?!

Since we hadn't seen Ty is a while he wasn't so sure about us at first. His shyness was actually quite adorable! But it didn't take too long for him to warm up to his favorite uncle Ethan!


Saturday morning we woke up and went to check out the Logan Zoo. Even though the kids were a little young to really appreciate all the animals, us older siblings really enjoyed our visit!! For dinner we decided to be a little brave and try some new food at Indian Oven. Spicy as it was I think  most of us really enjoyed the experience! That night a few of us decided to head over to the Utah state game. Good decision too, because it was a blast! The college football atmosphere can make for an exciting weekend!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Two reunions...One Weekend!

This year our families surprised us by each choosing to have their reunions the same weekend. Labor day weekend. Some would see this as a dilemma....we decided it gave us time to see both families in one weekend!! It was a busily scheduled weekend but totally worth it. 

Part one: The husbands side in New Harmony

Everyone met in New Harmony, Ut for dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Hunts home. It was great to meet new family and just get to know everyone better. Saturday morning some of us hiked Kanarraville Falls along with tons of labor day hikers! Then that night we played their annual game of bingo. Not your typical game of Bingo though, grandma Hunt really gets into it and spent somewhere around $300 on prizes. Yeah, they go big! First Hunt family reunion was a success!!


Part Two: The wife's side on Kolob

Sunday and Monday were spent camping up on Kolob mountain. This was the first year not being up there the whole weekend, but that's part of being married and learning to split time with each family! When we got up there Ethan rode the zip line for the first time...superman style! It was great to visit with all the family during meals and visiting with the cousins our age around a camp fire that night! That needs to happen more often! Oh and Ethan and I tied for first place in the Newly wed game! Boo-ya!! How's that for only 8 months of marriage!? ;)

The tent we borrowed from Ethans parents may have been smaller than we'd liked. haha it was pretty much just a one man tent, but we made it work. It will be a memory we'll have forever of our first time camping as a married couple in the smallest tent imaginable!  I loved it acutally, more of a reason for cuddling! ;)

My  handsome camping man!

One of our cousins just had boy/girl twins, so we made sure to get a "twin" picture! They are the cutest little things and almost make me want twins of my own....Almost! What dolls!