Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend!

Happy Easter!! I hope all my Southern Utah friends still managed to have a good Easter celebration aside from that cold wind!  We had a great weekend packed with family, friends & food!
 Saturday we had lunch at my moms house with all the extended family and because of the unfortunate but not surprising weather, we were all crammed in the house most of the day. Of course the kids didn't let the cold wind stop them from having an Easter egg hunt!
Sadly, Ethan had to be up in Draper at a training at Camp Williams for the weekend. I always tell him the Army needs a woman in charge of scheduling, it seems they always choose the worst weekends! Luckily he was able to get back early Saturday night and do a little Easter outing with some friends. I even surprised him with an Easter basket filled with goodies on his pillow since he missed the hunt. 
Easter Sunday turned out to be beautiful weather! We actually got the whole family back together again for Charlee's baby blessing and lots more yummy food. Sunday was just such a nice calm day to enjoy family and reflect on our savior. I know my savior lives & I know he loves me. I know because of the atonement that he performed we have the opportunity to repent and be forgive so we can be together with our families in his presence forever. I'm grateful for that source of peace, today and always. #becauseofHim we get to spend this beautiful life & eternity!
Ethan really enjoyed this last training because they were able to fly in a Blackhawk helicopter. I'm glad they manage to have some fun among all that hard work and training.
While he was away, I stayed with my family in Hurricane. All the girls got together for a bike ride Friday morning. It was originally intended to get some good exercise, but turned into a nice casual ride with all the kids strapped to the back of each bike! Still a lot of fun to get out in the fresh air & visit with the girls!

Baby Charlee & I on her blessing day :) I'm blessed with the best & cutest nieces/nephews!


 Last Saturday we decided to go hike in Zion with the rest of Southern Utah.... & it was nuts! We had to wait in a line for quite a while but with good company it went pretty quick. We had the kids with us so we just did a few shorter hikes but in Zion it doesn't really matter what hike you do, it's all beautiful! Zion is such an amazing national park that we are fortunate to have so close. Which is why we have really been trying to take better advantage of it lately! Some day I hope to be able to say I've done every hike there!

Sunday, March 13, 2016


It seems that every year our anniversary week is just too busy to really go somewhere & celebrate besides a quick dinner. That's what we get for having a December wedding though, right?! We have decided that each year we will try and celebrate during the week of Spring Break and so far it's worked out perfectly. Honestly, just dinner is special enough, but while we are young and with no kids yet, we might as well make the most of the extra celebrating and traveling while we can.
This year we decided it was time to go visit the Millers. Zak & Jacqie are currently stationed at Fort Orde in Monterey, CA. while Zak is finishing up his language training for the National Guard. They are planning on moving back this summer, so we figured it was the perfect time to get out there and explore the area while we had friends there to play tourists with us!

Like I've said many times before, I have a horrible memory which is why I love blogging. I also remember more from pictures than anything I could ever write down, so there won't be much detailed descriptions. However, If you are planning a trip or just curious, feel free to ask any questions you might have. 

[  March 4th -8th, 2016  ]
1st Stop: San Francisco, CA

~Lombard  Street~The Warf~China Town~Golden Gate Bridge~Oakland 
~Temple~Muir Woods~Japanese Tea Garden~Painted Ladies~Pier 39~Lucas Film Ltd~

The beautiful Oakland LDS Temple was another favorite stop. The temple grounds were so green and blooming! Best part was attending the ward that met on the temple grounds! What a cool reminder on your way in to church each Sunday!

Monterey, CA
~Lovers Point~ Monterey Aquarium~Cannery Row~The warf~Casa Verde Beach~South of Monterey~Dontown Carmel-by-the-sea~ Bixby Bridge~Oceanside Dinner~Pigeon point Lighthouse~

If you don't follow me on Instagram, here's the story regarding the bunnies on my shoulders! haha 
On Monday we decided to drive down the coast for a few hours and decided to stop and get a few pictures by the gorgeous Bixby Bridge. Out of nowhere this man just appears there sitting on a crate with two bunnies on his shoulders singing "here comes peter cotton tail"...He watched us for a minute then said, "don't you want a picture with the bunnies?" Ummm... of course we do! haha 

My favorite guy & best traveling partner <3

This was one of those trips that had a very flexible itinerary. We got all of the "must see sites" off our list, and then did our favorite thing... exploring. When we were back in DC last year, we both decided our favorite days were the ones that had no set plans and we just took the time to walk around and explore. It's fun to just experience a normal day in these towns without it being planned. In fact, one of my favorite days was Friday, when we stopped at a park to relax and witnessed a couple get engaged. Crossed that off my bucket-list! I actually had my camera out when I saw it happening so I became the impromptu photographer! When I emailed the pictures to the couple afterwards, they were soo excited and surprised that a stranger would do that for them. It was a great start to our amazing week in California!