Monday, March 31, 2014

Three months down!

Three months. We've been married for three months already! It has gone by sooo fast. But you know what they say...time flies when you're having fun!

We have been so lucky to have about the same work/school schedule that we still get to see each other tons. I love it. This last weekend Ethan's boss bought us tickets to a play up in Springdale that his daughter was in, at the Bumbleberry Theatre. Shay and Tyson were already up there for the weekend so they met up with us at the play. Then we all went out for ice cream afterwards. It was so nice just chilling on the sidewalk of the entrance to Zions National Park with the amazing mountains surrounding us. We live in such a beautiful place. We are also lucky to have shay and tyson to double date with. I have been blessed having a twin sister!

This past month we played on a co-ed Futsol team for Dixie State Intramurals.  The "Direwolves" didn't do too bad. We had a fun team and it's always fun for Eth and I to get to do something we both love together. This was now our 5th sport through the intramural program, I believe. And no it's not over...up next we have ultimate Frisbee!!

Two weeks ago we were able to go up north for the weekend to another one of Ethan's mission reunions.  The night before the reunion we met up with one of Eth's mission companions and his awesome wife at a masquerade ball! It was such a blast. Not exactly the kind of music or atmosphere we were expecting but because of the group we were with we managed to still have a good time! Man, we really danced! Then of course a late night Denny's run.

This is Dela. Dela Brown. I love this girl. We met at one of the first mission reunions I went to and were instant friends. I love girls like her, that you can just feel so comfortable with and immediately relate to. Just wish she lived closer!!


The Mission Reunion was held up at President Woolley's Cabin again, just outside Heber. It is such an amazing Cabin. So huge with lots of fun stuff to do. Last time we went up we took his (about) 8 four wheelers out on the mountain, that he owns, behind the cabin. This time, with the recent snow fall, we were able to take out his snowmobiles. Gotta admit, not my favorite . It was a blast don't get me wrong, but the snow is just to slippery and unpredictable for me. We tipped our snowmobile and got stuck a few times but never seriously hurt, luckily! Such a fun outing with some really fun people. Ethan served with some of the best and sweetest people I know. 

There's that sweet girl Dela again! 

This was taken the time before when we first went to the cabin four wheeling. Love this picture and these awesome friends.

  Just a few pictures of the cabin...

Indoor rock wall.

 Indoor theatre...didn't get a picture of the indoor pool and sauna.

And to finish the night off, we had a nice relaxing soak under the stars with all these cool kids. 
 (sorry it's blurry)

 So as you can see, married life is treating us very well. I love my life and I love my husband.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

March Memories!

Two's been two months with this guy! It's amazing how much you can learn about each other and how much your love can grow in just two months. I love this man. I am in love with this man. I even still get butterflies around him. 

Today (Saturday) was a good day! I had signed us up for church cleaning last week, which I probably should have asked Eth if he wanted to get up early on his day off, but being the good sport that he is, he got up and we cleaned. Then came back to our house and dug weeds...probably one of our least favorite things to do. Ha but it felt good to get them gone and our yard looks much better!

Who doesn't love a hard working man.



Then while Eth got his video game fix in I went with the girls for a little post bday outing for whit! Pedicures!! Such a nice treat after digging weeds and cleaning all morning! 

Spring break '14

   Now before you get excited thinking you are about to see pictures of an exotic beach or sunny fun field activity, let me warn you aren't. Sadly this spring break was not a week off of work. However, we managed to make it a great week nonetheless. Eth got the whole week off from school and since he doesn't have to work Wednesdays my work was awesome and gave me the day off. So we slept in, made pancakes, (I love when I have time to be a good wife and cook for him), went to hurricane and played pickle ball and visited with my family who was all in town! We were able to spend a lot of time with family this week! 

Here's a few good memories from the last week or so!

Friday we went on a little four wheeler ride. Such great weather! And of course we had to take duke (the dog)...since the duke basketball team was playing that evening and Eth was sure he'd be a good luck charm.

Lunch date with the nephews!

#trowbackthursdays to that one time when we would always take naps. This one was precious. With my fiancé and baby b.

Ya this happened. Bent down to pick something up and it slipped right out of my purse :( the hubbies awesome and already ordered me a new heavy duty case and Is letting me get it fixed next week. 

I wanted to surprise eth with a note on the door when he got off work to meet me at the park with a nice picnic all set up....unfortunately the city league soccer team has games going on. I couldn't let that stop picnic in the living room!!

 Good memories made with a good man...MINE!!