Monday, July 27, 2015

It's my birthday...and hers!!

This year our birthday fell on a Tuesday so we told the family not to stress about planning a family birthday dinner or anything this year and we would just celebrate together and with our husbands. Ethan was so sweet and woke up early to make me breakfast and eat with me before I left. Sadly it was my first time working on my birthday, but considering I made it 23 years it was only a matter of time! And to be honest it wasn't bad at all. At work, the other employees brought in donuts, gift cards/cards, and the boss even bought lunch for the office, good work day overall.
Mom and dad gave us a gift card for dinner to Texas roadhouse so after work we met up with Shay & Tyson and had a great night. I can't imagine ever spending a birthday without her and honestly hope I never have too. The best part of the day was that our husbands didn't make us sit on the saddle at Texas that's true love <3 

Never would I wish to spend a birthday without you sis!! Here's to many, many more! 

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Have I mentioned I have  the best husband? Well I do!! The day after he got home he told me to pack my bags because he had booked us a place in Vegas for the weekend. After a month being apart he decided we just needed at least a weekend to ourselves with no distractions. And man was he right. Before we took off for the weekend we headed up to New Harmony to visit family. One of our favorite things to do up in New Harmony is going out on the razor. That tiny town is definitely finding a spot in my heart.

First off, Vegas isn't ever your first weekend destination spot for Mormons, but we sure found plenty of good clean fun! E has never been and experienced the Las Vegas strip so having been there a few times I took him 1. during the day (never would we be caught dead on the strip at night, for good reason) 2. we hit up all the classic strip must sees. From the M&M factory, Coke factory, all the way up to the stratosphere. Ethan suggested we go shopping for early birthday gifts and would not let me leave until I found something at each store. I mostly chose out new jewelry and to be honest Ethan chose out almost everything.  I must say he's got great taste, lucky me!


I love traveling with my husband. I don't know what it is about traveling but it always brings us closer together and makes us feel like we are just first dating all over again!  Being in Vegas always makes me grateful for the life we have, for the Gospel that we have, and for the family that we have. We have so much joy and love in our live that some of those people will never imagine possible. I love my husband and I was so grateful that he took the initiative and planned the whole weekend. It totally made me feel special. Love you babe. 

Home at last!!

Oh happy day! My husband is back!! His flight didn't come in until 9:40 pm so work that day was LONG. After work I met up with Shay and my mom for dinner and finally headed out to the airport....a little early! He called me from his layover in Denver letting me know there were 3 Elders flying home with him. I got thinking about all those kids coming home to big families with posters, balloons, and screaming girls So of course I had to make a sign for him. 
I honestly was excited to see him but didn't expect the reaction he got out of me. As soon as I saw him turn the corner I jumped and screamed a little. My next thought was holy crap he looks so skinny. (He lost about 10 lbs.) Then pushing through the crowded airport (yes crowded, in I ran to him and  jumped into his arms as he picked me up hugging me. Felt like we were in our own little scene from the movies. After we could finally let go of each other he hugged his parents and my mom, then he was straight back to me! We walked over to grab his bags and basically wouldn't let me out of his reach. 
While we were waiting for his luggage a man approached us and shook Ethan's hand. Turns out they were sitting next to each other on the plane ride in from Denver. Ethan introduced us and the man then proceeded to tell me something in the most sincere tone that I will never forget.

"Hello, it's so nice to meet you. I had the privilege or sitting next to your husband and  I just wanted you to know he spoke so highly about you and you could tell he really loves you. Your husband is a really great man. Thank you for your service. Good bless you both."

Seeing him, I fell in love with him all over again <3

Monday, July 13, 2015


Already to the last week, how can it be? In the moment it has been the longest 28 days of my life, but now looking back at it, it somehow flew by. Ethan was able to get his phone back for good this week and has called me every night which totally helps!
Five good things about this week...

1. Snuggling with my new baby cousin at a family bridal shower. I love teeny tiny babies.

2. The weather this past week has been perfect for walks, bike rides, and homework on the porch.

 4. I was reminded again how lucky I am to be so close to my adorable nieces and nephews.

5. Mom took me to get my hair done for the hubs return. Best part was getting it washed & massaged!!


Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Best week so far. My soldier surprised me by calling home!! He was able to get his phone for an evening during the week and also got it back on the fourth for the holiday. :) It was so great to hear how well he is doing and really enjoying it. I can't tell you how much easier it all is knowing that he is doing well! He also tells me that his squad has been coming in first in all their events. Proud army wife!
 We are officially on the countdown side of the month. I am not sure whether that's making it easier or harder! It's best to not think about the date or days left.  I will admit, as hard as it was communicating with just snail mail, those were some of the sweetest letters I have received from him. Reminded me of writing him on his mission. And having his thoughts to me in letters is something I'll have forever to go back and reread whenever!

Friday Kaylyn and I spent the day at Sand Hallow. We kayaked around the island and relaxed just floating on the lake. It was the perfect day, literally!! The storm clouds were rolling in making it perfect weather, and when the rain clouds just missed us we found the lake pretty much to ourselves. We spent a lot of time just talking about life and enjoying the beauty around us. So grateful for friends and long chats in the summer sun!

I was so excited to hear from Ethan on the Fourth of July. We were able to text/talk all day long and it was just what I needed. Not to mention all the fun pictures he sent. He should be getting his phone back Thursday night and gets to keep it until he comes home :) He's even more good looking than I remembered! 

Country concert put on for the soldiers!!

Ethan had the privilege to meet Major General Combs. "She is kind of a big deal." (Ethan;s words)

For the fourth of July, we had a BBQ in Skyler & Melissa's backyard. These kids could live on this teeter-tater of we'd let them! The kids have been a blessing to keep me busy this past month and the quickest way to put a smile on my face.

Speaking of putting a smile on my face...My parents have been the best support fwor me and always making sure I am happy and busy. The other day my dad came in before church and said come on, lets go for a ride. Just what I needed. Just closing my eyes, wind blowing through my hair, not thinking about anything, just enjoying myself. 

One thing I've learned over this past three weeks is that I determine my happiness. No one else. If I want to have a good day, whether I get a letter or phone call or not, it's all about my attitude. This month has made me stronger and I'm grateful for the hard times I've had to more enjoy the good ones! 

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Week two. It's been a bit rough I'll admit. Not quite halfway but I'm getting there! Some days are definitely easier than others, but I'm learning the trick is to stay busy! Very busy!! Good news...I GOT MY FIRST LETTER!!!! Also I found pictures of him online from this past week and found out he'll get to have his phone on the fourth of July! :) Totally made my week getting a letter and seeing actual proof he's alive and ok! Can you see him?

Last Friday was one to remember! I can't tell you how long it has been since the old gang has been together! We took out the jet ski's and kayaks to Sand Hallow on a perfect sunny day!  It was so much fun to visit and catch up on life with these ladies! I've known these girls since we were little, some even when we were in diapers. Excited to see where we all go in life! 

The weeks not complete until you do a craft! Shayli found these window panes at her grandparents old cabin, dating back about 100 years!! We sanded them down and added a fresh coat of paint to freshen them up. Now we plan to add a new wreath for every holiday! I love shabby chic decor. Can't wait to see it hanging in my house.  I love my sisters and I love doing crafts...Two perfect ways to keep myself distracted!

Our little naked craft buddy, we're starting her young! 

I can't wait to hear from my soldier this weekend and am looking forward to the plans for this week! I can do hard things!! :)