Saturday, April 16, 2016

A few things...

Sometimes it's hard to blog. Either because, I don't have time or I feel one picture doesn't deserve a whole blog post on it's own. So over the last few weeks, here are a few moments I hope to remember!

1. Family Reunion at the Lake
Although we had terrible rainy weather, we didn't let that stop us from a few trips out on the lake. Got me real excited for this summer and many more trips to Sand Hallow with these guys!
2. Family Time
I wish I had more pictures to show how much we've been able to be with family these last couple of weeks, but these two were sweet memories. Our cousin (on Ethan's side) opened his mission call. Brandon was called to Serve a a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints assigned to labor in the Montereal, Canada Mission. French speaking, leaving July 20th, 2016. We are so excited & proud!!
Picture #2: My first bouquet given to me by Grandma Hunt! If you know her and her love & skill for floral creations then you know how big of a deal this is! Her backyard is a little glimpse into heaven!
3. We have been able to enjoy soo much time together & lots of dates! Thinking about him leaving for a few weeks again this summer has been constantly on my mind, so my goal has been to quite worrying about it and enjoy the here & now. Specifically him... here & now! Lunch at Judd's is always a favorite! 
4. Girls, Girls, Girls! It's always a good idea to make time for girls night! One of my favorite long distant friends stopped by on her way through town & let me awkwardly rub her little baby belly, now that's true friendship! Thanks Dela girl! And let's not forget those crazy cousins of mine, growing up with these yahoo's has been a real pleasure believe it or not ;) Let's make this sleepover thing a new tradition, yeah?
5. Work. What? Really? Yes! Work has been going so well. I love my job. I love these ladies and I'm certain we work for the best two doctors in town! I've learned so much in these last 9 months than I expected I would. One of the best things about this office is our "Fun Fund." That's right, we have a fund specifically set aside for....FUN! Our Doctors are all about staying up to date on the latest and best technology. A few weeks ago we participated in a Moderate ( IV) Sedation Training that involved us working 14 hour days at our office, and totally whiping us out. Yet, we managed to have fun and really learned a lot.  Earning our bonus for the last quarter & getting my first raise has really made those 14 hour days worth it! I am blessed to work at the best office in town!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring is Here!

Spring is my absolute favorite time of year!! The suns out, the weathers heating up, and the perfect cool breeze is still a blowin! It's like the outdoors are just begging us to come out! One of the best parts about the April Session of General Conference. I love conference because it reminds me that we are lead by a prophet who is called of God. Listening to conference, every doubt in my mind get's erased and every question gets answered. The messages are so inspired, and seem to be exactly what I need to hear. Conference always has a way of putting things back into prospective.

It's days like today after being with these girls all day (& Melissa who was nursing) that I realize how grateful & blessed I am for these amazing ladies in my life. Aside from being my best friends, they are just so fun to be around. I honestly think of them as my best friends and I hope that never changes. We've been blessed with the best mother, who is easily one of our biggest fans, best friend, and greatest example. 

If you didn't get a chance to watch General Conference & would like to, you can watch it here.