Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Newest Recruit!

Well everyone, if you haven't heard....My husband joined the army!  Last Thursday June 12th, Ethan was sworn in as Private First Class (PFC) Janson. He is now in the National Guard with an MOS is in Military Intelligence.  He is currently apart of the 141st St.George unit. To be honest, I was super nervous and almost even against it at first. After some careful consideration, lot's of praying, and a few temple trips we decided it was right for us. 

Now for those who are wondering, here is what he plans on doing...although keep in mind that this is the military and what you plan for doesn't always happen. However, this is what we're shooting for. He will be enrolling in the ROTC through Dixie State this fall. The ROTC includes a weekly work out schedule and a few classes each semester. Because of his ROTC courses over the next few years and a few random trainings over the next couple of summers, he will earn his basic training credit without actually having to go to basic. Being enlisted in the National Guard means he will be required to attend a training one weekend a month and one week long training a year. Not too bad, right?! 

Now I'm sure you're all wondering about that scary D word...deployment. Believe me, it's my biggest concern. As far as when or for how long or will he at all?? No one can say, it will just be up to how so many different factors. While he is enrolled in the ROTC program and going to school it is very unlikely (not saying it won't happen) because that is part of his training. Our plan is just to take it one day at a time and not worry/stress until we have reason to. That last part is mostly for me. I tend to over think things and stress before things actually happen, so this will be a good way for me to work on that.

 Aside from being nervous about the whole thing I am actually very excited and proud of Ethan. This will be such an exciting and learning experience for him. He is actually not the first to serve in his family. Both his grandpa and dad have served and it's always been something Ethan has thought about doing to honor them in a way...along with many other reasons. He has really given this a lot of consideration before joining and no he didn't feel like he "had" to for his family, or for the money. Those are just some perks to joining. I believe he joined for the right reasons. I am so grateful to have such loving, supportive, families. That's actually one of the big factors of us joining. We know joining the Military isn't going to be easy but no matter what happens we will always have such an amazing support group behind us! Anyways,who know where the next 8 years will take us, but we're sure it is  likely be some of the most stressful, difficult, exciting and most rewarding years of our life together!!

I sure do love my man in uniform!


Ethan's Friend Braden and his wife Amber texted me to see if they could help decorate Eth's car before he came back from enlisting. We've got some great friends!

Yes, those are little toy army men taped all over his car. haha

Friday night I had some our friends come over for cake and ice cream to celebrate. Ethan was so surprised!! I know he and I both appreciate all our awesome supportive friends!

Weekend in New harmony!

Ethan's grandparents live up in beautiful New Harmony so we decided to go visit them last Saturday! New Harmony is seriously a beautiful little town. We had such a great time visit with them. Grandma had us pick lot's of cherries to take home, she played the piano for us, we watched soccer with grandpa, and then played a few rounds of cards. We had such an enjoyable time with them. They are still the cutest grandparents and I'm so glad I am getting time to spend with them and become closer. I hope mine and Ethan's relationship can be as strong and loving as theirs has, after so many years. What a wonderful example of a loving lasting marriage!


Friday, June 6, 2014

Taco tuesday crew!

Lately we have been going to "Taco Tuesday Night" which basically consists of a bunch of married couples  going out to dinner (not always tacos surprisingly) and then playing games at someones house. This last Tuesday we switched things up a bit and had it at one of the couples family guest house up in stone cliff. Crazy nice house. Our group rocks and it's fun all being married.

 Ethan was in love with all the "toys" in the garage. 

 Stone Cliff has the best views in St.George in my opinion. There was one empty lot just down the road that we claimed. Someday we'll build a nice home up there with an amazing view of the town, temple, and pine valley mt.

Ever meet some people you just instantly click with? I kind of feel that way with these girls. Last night our husbands were watching basketball so us three decided to go do our own thing. We went down to the river walk and talked/laughed like we were old friends. Then we somehow ended up climbing. haha These girls are too much fun.

This last week Ethan and some of his buddies volunteered to sing for FHE at a rest home. Such great guys. They started a barbershop quartet not to long ago just to get back into singing again. I love Ethans willingness to share his talents with others.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Temple, flying planes & a perfect baby!

 It's already June! Can you believe it?! Where has the year gone! Ever since I got engaged/married, time has flown by! I guess it's true, time flies when you're having fun!! 
I swear I only post about my weekends...but to be honest those are the most exciting days! Since Ethan and I both work mon-fri basically 8-5 the weekends are our stress relieving, party attending, family spending, outdoors living, moments! I live for the weekends! We are so blessed to live so close to both our families and we are doing all we can to make the most of that. There are going to be some changes in our life coming up that could move us from our families for a time, so we are making sure to take advantage of them now! 

We were lucky enough to attend two different sealings at the LDS St.George temple over the weekend! I absolutely love going to the temple. Especially sealings. The feelings and excitement from our sealing 5 months ago, comes rushing back in and I fall in love with Ethan all over again. Attending the temple allows me to honestly forget about the world for a while and just focus on the real important things of this life. I will always be grateful Ethan and I chose a temple marriage. In a civil wedding, nothing saddens me more than to hear the words "till death do you part" in the ceremony. I am blessed to know that I WILL be with my husband and love of my life for this life and eternity. And I'm glad these friends of ours felt the same.

I taught my first lesson in our Primary class. It's sad I get nervous to teach a bunch or 8 year olds. Okay, probably more pathetic. That is just one thing I've never been good at, public speaking. However, I felt really good about my lesson on Sunday. I have to thank my loving husband for that. He really "pushed" and encouraged me, in the best way possible, to learn to give and prepare lessons. I am grateful for a husband that cares about my spiritual progress! Ethan and I just adore our primary kids. Walking home from church Ethan informed me he wants a little girl because of how adorable our primary kids are. They just adore Ethan. But lets be honest...who doesn't!?

After church and our routine naps, we headed to hurricane for dinner with the family. This Sunday was especially enjoyable. Kyson convinced the whole family to head out to the park to watch him fly his new remote control plane. It was actually pretty darn impressive.

Well everyone but Liam was impressed. Kyson had the plane take off over him and he was terrified. Can't lie though, this picture is classic. He took off running to us so fast! Poor kid. haha

We also enjoyed a nice ride on the Tailgate, which totally brings back young childhood summer memories! Oh to be a kid again and actually have a summer!

Our good friends had their baby about a week ago. They made a perfect baby. Seriously, she's perfect! I love her and I want one. Ethan says not yet...but after holding her I think he started to get a little itching to have one too! I can already tell little Emma June and I will be best friends. ;) Congrats on your precious little angle Lacy & Trevor! You will be seeing lots more of us I'm positive. 

Nothing makes me more baby hungry than seeing Ethan hold a teeny tiny baby and actually enjoying it!