Saturday, September 12, 2015

Miracle in Disguise

"Babe, we are so blessed" I can't count the amount of times we've said this phrase in the last week. It's amazing how sometimes your blessings come through trials. I'm grateful for a wonderful husband who reminds me to have faith and see. 
This last month our car was declared a "Total loss" yet we saw this as a huge blessing. Wait, what!? Yes, it was a blessing. A few actually. Let me explain why. A few weeks ago my little black Suzuki was having car problems * yet again*. Ethan and I had decided it was time to fix it up and sell it. Ethan drove the Suzuki as I followed him in our Sonata over to our shop in Hurricane. As I was following E,  we had just started down the hill by purgatory when all of a sudden his windshield goes black. A gust of wind (and not having the hood properly shut down after the last mechanic looked at it) caused it to fly up, shattering the windshield and denting the car roof and hood. Watching Ethan loose all his front vision at the top of a cliff, was the scariest moment of my life. I thought for sure I was about to watch my husband drive off a cliff. Luckily because of his calm and collected mentality he was able to slow the vehicle down and come to a complete and safe stop on the side of the road. That made for a happy yet crying wife. ha And I will forever be grateful to him for not letting me drive the Suzuki that day because I'm a little more jumpy and would have swerved no doubt.

After a few days of me worrying about finances and our possibilities and Ethan reassuring me, we heard back from our insurance company that it was declared a total loss and we would be receiving a check in the mail soon after. The best part...that it was for more than we could have sold the car for!! Now lets get to the fun part. After a short trip up north this weekend we are the proud new owners of another Hyundai Sonata 2013. Thanks Mr. Janson! 

While we were up searching for a car, we were able to enjoy the gorgeous SLC weather. If there's one thing you should already know about us, it's that we love going on walks. Found this gem on one of the old downtown neighborhood streets.

We also spent the evening at the Utah County Fair with the Brown's. Went on a few fun rides, watched our husbands do the terrifying rides, pet some farm animals, and enjoyed the yummy, unhealthy fair food! We love the brownies and our once every few month reunions with them!

Mr. Janson <3 He loves goats and thinks one day we'll have one. I'm not convinced yet, but he can keep on dreaming!


Two Reunions. One Weekend!

JANSON (Mr.) SIDE: New Harmony September 5th, 2015

Every year both our families hold their annual reunion on labor day weekend and each year we somehow make it work so that we are able to enjoy both and make each side of the family happy. It can be a real balancing act ;) This year we were missing a few of the Janson clan due to other important, school, babies on the way! We missed seeing them and our cute nephews but those that made it represented well! I love our time up in New harmony. The weather is always beautiful and the mountains are always breathtaking. 

There's always lots of yummy food, horseshoe, kickball, and Bingo!! Grandma & Grandpa Hunt sure know how to do amazing prizes!! who won the kickball game this year was not important ;) 

OLIPHANT (Mrs.) SIDE: Property on East Zion September 6th & 7th, 2015
This year was a little smaller attendance than most years because of many reasons and due to the fact that we have three missionaries out. There absence was surely noticed but we know they are exactly where they need/want to be. Forr the time we were able to be there we had fun, doing crafts, riding four wheelers, taking naps in the tent, and visiting with family.


I truly believe I am blessed with the greatest family. We couldn't end the weekend without getting our mandatory photo with all the cousins about my age! I've literally lost count of how many group photos we have like this. It'll be fun to look back on someday!

 Never fall asleep with this family surrounding you. He's lucky that's all they did to him! The boys had fun learning how to make paracord bracelets. Ethan even made some for our key chains...that's my crafty husband! 

  We even threw Kort a SURPRISE birthday party on the mountain this year! And you better believe we did the spankin tunnel! We love you!!

The dang cutest kids you'll ever see. (Until we have some ;) )