Saturday, January 30, 2016

Happy Two Years

Holy Hannah, can you believe Mr. Janson and I have been married two years already!? Sure doesn't feel real to me. In a way it feels like we've always been together. It's hard to remember life without him. He has brought so much joy and happiness to my life, to our lives. I wish I could make a list of all the things I love about him. Someday I will. Ethan, you are the love of my life and I never want to spend a day without you by my side. How blessed am I to share eternity with you.

Our anniversary has always been a hard date to make plans for considering it's right during all the Christmas and New Years celebrations with all our families in town. Because of this, Mr.Janson and I have decided to postpone our anniversary to March. Last year over spring break, we flew out to DC & NY. This year...San Francisco and Monterrey California are where we'll celebrate two years!! With no kids in our lives yet, I believe we are making the most of our young married life and traveling as much as our budget will allow. Someday when we decide to start a beautiful family of our own, I know it will be it's own wonderful adventure. However for now, no matter the destination, our time spent together is what I cherish the most.  Happy two years Mr.Janson.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Janson boys

It's that time of year again when the Janson men meet up north for their annual car show. A bunch of walking around, checking out cars, and test driving their favorites. A load of fun for the guys, and a great male bonding opportunity. However, while cars and engines don't get us girls and kids excited, the Discovery Museum at Gateway sure did. Each little man found a room just totally fit for them! It was so much fun to watch them explore and play with their cousins. For the Janson sisters, the car show weekend means finding a fun activity for the kids and coming up with a craft for us! It was so much fun catching up with my sister in laws and loving all these sweet little boys!! Just wishing they all lived closer to their favorite aunt Shauni ;)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

christmas season

The month of December has come and gone in the blink of an eye! Maybe because of how busy our month was. I haven't blogged since thanksgiving and I have a lot I want to remember, but since I can't remember most of what happened this month, I  think I'll just stick with the highlights of the month.

The best part of this month has been all the extra time with family and loved ones.  And extra visits to the temple. A few months ago I joined my mom by accepting a calling to work in the temple youth center.  It has easily become my most favorite way to spend my weekends. I start by dressing the kids in white so they are ready to go up stairs.  Then play with them in the toy room until they are ready for us in the sealing room. Then comes the best part. Holding the babies, and walking hand in hand with the young children we make our way down the hall with many excited watching eyes. Because kids aren't "allowed" in the temple normally, it's as if some of these people have never seen a child the way they smile and wave. I just smile in return as if saying, "yes, I know, I do have the best job in the temple!" 

It was a very merry Christmas for the Jansons!  Best gift we received? Being done with our sacrament talks!! ;) Honestly though, I wasn't excited to have to prepare and stress all week over Christmas break about preparing and giving a talk. Although, I must say after some thought I couldn't imagine a better gift to give my savior this season than to study his life and gospel and strengthen my testimony. I'm also grateful to my worthy husband, who knows this gospel and doctrine so well that strengthen and encourages me. It was a blessing to speak and learn with him. 

The day Elder Spendlove called Home!!! We loved seeing our baby brother and being able to witness his happy silly self. We get letters every Monday from him, informing us just how happy he is. But seeing it "live" is a total reassurance. He truly is soooo happy! He is still the same, witty, teasing baby brother we all know and miss. 5 more months and we get to skype him for Mother's Day, 6 months after that for our christmas skype, 5 more for our 2nd Mother's Day skype, then he'll be home within weeks of that call....but who's counting!?

Christmas morning with the Jansons. This year we decided to spend Christmas with both families. As long as we're living so close to both sides, theirs no use in trading off each year when we can just spend it with both each year. I believe Christmas was much meaningful that way.

 # ChristmasCarSelfie

This year Ethan's military unit decided not to do a ball and it was the best decision ever. Last year's ball was exciting but stressful trying to track down a formal dress.  Instead they had a brunch with Santa and Mistletoe. 

Finishing up this post, I wish I had blogged more regularly throughout the month so I could remember everything we did. I'll add it to my new years resolutions I guess haha Hope you all had a very merry christmas!