Thursday, June 25, 2015

Week One

Wow, can't believe how fast & slow this first week has gone! I still have 20 days left, but on the Brightside I have managed to survive 8 days without Ethan. For me, that is a HUGE accomplishment. I sent out his first letters & packages this last Monday so he should be getting them all now and I am dying waiting to hear back. The hardest part for me is waiting to hear how he's doing? I can just imagine he is loving most of it! Yet, it's hard not being able to call and check on my husband. One thing I have found that somewhat helps is to document and write to him what I've been up to while he's away. So here's what my first week looked like.

This week I have managed to stay EXTRA busy thanks to my family! From camping, to kitchen demolition, to spin class, I've been busy!!

Ethan and the other cadets had their phones for the first three days and then they were taken away Saturday evening. One of the hardest last phone calls we've shared. But being the man that knows just what I need, he text me a few times before they took them that night just to tell me he loved me again. Oh how I adore him!!

My twin sis Shay, her husband, and their siblings, were heading up to Kolob Mt. that night and seeing how hard it was for me to say goodbye to my husband, she knew I needed to get away and invited me to come. She was so right. I love the mountains, there's something so calming and peaceful about just existing in the mountains.

I have been taking my camera a lot more trying to get some use out of it and learn how to use it, so Maren & Morgan let me practice some head shots. I'm no photographer, but they turned out cute because of my models

Camping wasn't the only fun thing we accomplished this week. Mom has been dying to redo her kitchen so dad finally struck her a deal. He got a new motor cycle and she gets a new kitchen . We decided that while I'm living here they might as well do it this week with the extra hands. Just so happens I had work off this whole week as well! 

I don't think I've been so dirty in my entire life. And this wasn't even the after picture!! Mom wouldn't let me in the house until they sprayed me down with the hose like a dog! Whit and mom had me lean over the side of the tramp and washed my hair. It felt better than being at a salon ;) And when I'm already soaked and on the tramp why not strip the kids into their diapers and run through the sprinklers with them!! 

As hot and tiring as it was, I had a lot of fun doing such a big hands on project with my dad. Usually it would be Skyler or Kyson helping him out, but since they were both not here, I got to have some fun tearing out the ceiling. Bring on the cabinets! Before and After pictures will follow sometime in the next month!  

This last week we have challenged ourselves to really make it an active day, everyday! Shay and I went on bike rides, walks, and to spin class. And now I'm pretty sure I am addicted to Spin! This week has been hard, but sometimes working out gives you such a high, I look forward to it every night! 


Oh and guess who's brave and went to the dentist. I use the word BRAVE because I had these two gals working on my teeth!!  (upward shots are so not flattering but I am posting it anyways to show off these cute assistants)

She is my person. I wouldn't have made it through week one without her.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cadet Janson at CIET

June 17th 2015. The day I sent my husband off for his first official Military training, CIET. And the first time we have ever been apart for more than a couple of days. Try 28 days!! Never in my life did I think I would be married to a Soldier and claim the tittle of an army wife. As hard as this month will be I am so excited for the experiences and knowledge Ethan will gain. CIET is basically a four week classroom & field training program. I know what you might be's just 28 days. And yes I survived 20 years without him that what's 28 days?! After being together constantly for the past 2 1/2 years of dating/marriage, it's sad to think about going even a day without him.
I realize the only way this month will be bearable is to make the most of every day and choose to be happy. The way I see it is I have a month to improve myself before Eth gets back. So the plan is to stay busy busy busy!!
Even with how hard the next month may be, I realize how blessed I am to be so close to family and supportive friends. I'm also looking forward to how much I can learn and grow from the trials I will face being away from my love. I know that Ethan will be watched over and blessed while he is away and that I will be comforted as well. Ethan gave me one of the most needed blessings the night before he left and it's one I'll never forget. I am so grateful for a worthy priesthood holder in my life and the willingness he has to bless our lives with it's power. I will miss him so much and am already counting down the days until I get to pick him up from the airport and bring him home with me. :) 27 days left!!

Love you madly Cadet Janson 

 It was wonderful being able to watch him board the plane. And look at that adorable last wave & smile. 

Farewell Elder SpendLOVE

And he's gone! As hard as it was to see my baby brother leave, it's comforting to know he will do amazing!! He has been preparing for his mission for as long as I can remember! He will be at the Mexico CCM (MTC) for the next 6 weeks and then on July 21st (my birthday) he will be flying out to share the gospel with the people of Fort Worth, Texas. Yes, Texas, the state that is getting dumped on right now and frightens my mother. Yet, Kysons response is "Mom, think of all the service!" That basically sums my baby brother up!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer family fun!!

With Kyson leaving way too soon, we've been getting together as much as possible. Last Saturday we went out to Sand Hallow to test out dads new Kayaks, which we all agreed were a great buy! Unfortunately Ethan was at Drill & we missed him lots!  I successfully rode the stand up paddle board and totally fell in love with it. You may see it on my birthday gift list Ethan ;) Our sweet cousin Derrick runs the rental shop out at Sand Hallow and let us borrow two more kayaks and let us enjoy some nice chilled ice cream after a hot fun day in the sun! 

For Kysons last Sunday night dad had all the brothers share experiences from their own missions to pump him but also to give him advice during the hard/good times ahead. It was a neat experience to sit back and listen to the men in my life baring testimony of the importance of missions and how it has shaped their lives. I am so grateful to have a loving supportive family full of honorable priesthood holders and faithful RM's. 
We then let Kyson choose what he wanted to do next and to no surprise at all, it was flying airplanes with the family. Kyson and Skyler have gained a real hobby of building & flying remote control planes and it's a hobby the whole family can enjoy! Especially the kids.