Monday, July 3, 2017

18 Weeks + Kolob

Baby #1  18 WEEKS
on Wednesday June 28th, 2017


I've been sleeping pretty well, as long as I'm not on my back. I still wake up about once for a bathroom break. Probably just due to how much water I'm trying to drink during the day to make up for how little I drank in the first trimester. It made me so sick!! Anyone else ever experience that?

Best Moment this week:

Our Dr.'s appointment last week. Hearing the heartbeat always reassures me everything is good and healthy with baby girl. I stress before every appointment that the Doctor is going to give us bad news, so when I hear that heartbeat I am one happy momma!

Food I'm craving:

Cinnamon Rolls. I need them. I want them. I almost drove to maverick at midnight just to get one. (It was the closest place to get them, but not the best ones) Today I am going to get one at Bishop's Grill. The best and biggest cinnamon rolls for $1. That's right. $1. I may have to buy extras for those late night cravings. I have also been craving salad and breadsticks. Mostly from Olive Garden. Mmmmh. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! 

What's making me nauseous:

*Knock on wood* I haven't been nauseous much at all this last week. In fact, I can't remember the last time I threw up. It's been heavenly! 


One thing I've really been noticing this last week has been sharp pains when I stand up too fast. I talked to my doctor though, and he said that's normal. Also all of a sudden, I noticed that I "feel" big. Like getting up off the couch sometimes requires Ethan's help. Not that I need it yet, but just that it's easier! 


This week I've been getting told that I finally "look pregnant". At work last week I had my first stranger ask me when I was due, instead of just staring and assuming I'm pregnant but not daring to offend me in case I'm not. It completely caught me off guard because she said, "well it looks like you've gained some weight!" Then I realized she was talking about my baby bump! My hair and nails are also starting to take off. My hair takes forever to grow so I've been counting on pregnancy to really get the length!


As always, just so happy and excited for baby girl to get here. (realizing I still have FOREVER!) I am in power mode trying to get everything ready and set up in the nursery since we leave for Georgia in basically 1 month!! 

What am I looking forward to:

Our anatomy test this month to make sure everything is good with baby girl. 
Also, I can't wait to feel her move!! I hear for first-time mom's you don't feel the baby move until about 18-20 weeks so I've been really trying to focus and pay attention to any movement so I don't miss it. I'm sure one day all her movement will drive me nuts, but for now, that's all I want is to feel her move!! 

Moments from this week:

The second trimester is making it way easier to get out and enjoy outings. Last weekend we went up to Kolob Resivor with my siblings. (Mom, Dad and Kyson are in Texas touring Kyson's mission). We met up there for lunch and took the canoe/kayaks out. Even got the dogs out on the water! I love living so close to my siblings. Hopefully, it stays that way for a long time to come!