Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sweet Carolee!

My second niece baby Carolee is here! 
She arrived early Tuesday morning at 3:47 am
8lbs 13oz 21in

Carolee is such an adorable baby girl and so far seems like a good baby. To me I can really see liam and skyler in her but who knows...babies looks change so much and so fast! I have been blessed with the cutest nieces and nephews by far! And amazing bro/sis in-laws! My family is one of the most important things to me and that goes for Ethan's side as well. There's nothing that can make me happier than my eternal family! This Easter season just reminded me how grateful I am to my savior Jesus Christ's and his sacrifice but most importantly his resurrection, so that I too can be resurrected and be with the people I love the most. My favorite people, my family, my eternity. #becauseofhim

This face is adorable.

Eth really doesn't care for his picture taken...but I always tell him he'll thank me when we're old and can't remember anything. At least we'll have these pictures to remember! He loves baby Carolee and did a good job holding long as she didn't cry ;)

I think she likes me. 

 She is so precious...and she makes me very baby hungry!

The happy family of 5! The boys just loved her, Liam maybe a little too much. ;)
They'll have to keep a close eye on that one.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend!

Easter weekend was so nice! Although, I am beginning to think every weekend with this guy will be awesome. My work was awesome and gave me Friday off for Easter so shay and I went out to lunch and shopping! Oh and Whit & Berkley came to town!

Eth and I Easter morning!

HEADBANDS!  Whit talked us into trying something new with her and ordered these cute headbands from a lady off etsy. They come in so many colors and patterns it was hard to pick just a few! Not sure how we feel about them yet, but they will be nice for those days I really just don't wanna do my hair. (sorry about the crazy eyes)

Friday night we went to hurricane to spend time with my familly. We painted Easter eggs, ate yummy food, and even slept out back on the tramp! Not too sure ethan will ever do that again, not in hurricane at least! He is definitely not used to that hurricane wind! It kept waking him up, poor guy! But I am so grateful he tried it for me, seeing as how excited I was! Used to sleep out back all the time growing up, he just had to experience it once!

Eth's RSL Egg!

Yes, this is my NEPHEW Liam. Whit was showing us all Berkley's new headbands and Liam just had to wear one too. But come one, when it makes him that happy you have to just go with it! Oh and no pants is normal at grandmas. For the kids, anyways!

I let him sleep in since he didn't get much sleep during the night...Then I jumped all over him to wake him! Soo many memories sleeping out here growing up!

Ethan is soo good with our nephews! He probably takes Liam for a scooter ride each time we go over there. He would ride all night if we'd take him. And check out Ethan in his fun/bright new Easter shirt!

I just finished our wedding cards book last week!  I found the idea on pinterest (surprise surprise) and loved it. Now I can save them to read years down the road as well as use them as cute decoration at the house. It was a fun little project, but man I wouldn't care to use a hole puncher ever agian!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Another adventurous weekend!

 Another fun filled weekend! To start it off we participated in "The Great Race" at Dixie Univeristy. Our team "Rihannans Minions" consisted of some of the members of the Dixie Sun Newstaff and since I'm married to one of them I qualified for the team! It was like a big 10 leg relay race that took place all over campus.
My assignment was the basketball shootout and the push ups! Ethan competed in the final stretch sprint to the finish line and man is he fast! We may not have won overall, but it sure was fun!

Bryan, Lacy, and Ty came to St. G for the weekend so we met up with them after the race for dinner Friday night and then they talked us into going on a hike, to the Snow Canyon trails, Saturday morning with them! I say "talked" us into going because if you know us at all Saturday morning is our one and only morning to really sleep in! Glad we gave that up though because the hike was totally worth it. Great views, great exercise, and most importantly...great company!!

Look at that adorable little family! Ty's first time on a hike and really in the outdoors. He was so fun to watch dozing off with his head bobbing in his new backpack carrier. 

Love these never do them justice!

 Would you look at that handsome man. 

That dark creepy crack actually drops down about 15ft...and eth tried scaling it!! I definitely put a stop to that. Not that I don't love a brave husband...I just want to keep that brave husband around for a while!

 Bryan is quite the photographer! getting in whatever position necessary to capture that perfect shot! haha

After the hike we all did some shopping and then walked down to feed the ducks with ty. Family walks are one of my favorite things we do with the Jansons!

*sorry for the blurry pic* Oh and Steve's birthday is this Wednesday so while lacy and bryan were in town we decided to celebrate a little early... Ty was very fascinated with the candles!

to finish of the day Eth took me to Dukes Sporting Goods to get me this RSL shirt. Now ever Saturday (game day) we can both deck out in RSL attire. Yeah, we're that couple!

Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference Weekend!

 General Conference weekend was wonderful. Eth and I got a lot done around the house, hanging picture displays (pictures to come soon) and digging weeds...our favorite thing to do. Not really.

Watched Saturday's session of conference at our place then of course the RSL game with his dad at his parents house. Ethan and his dad love watching sports together....even more so than watching it with his guy friends. It's kind of adorable.

Sunday morning we got to sleep in  (which is a cherished thing to us) then went to his parents for the morning session and a wonderful homemade breakfast by shannon. I LOVE breakfast...any time of day. The Janson's know this, which is why they never ask what I want to eat anymore because they already know my answer will be breakfast!  Sunday morning session was awesome. If you have never prayed for an answer in general conference about something you've been praying about, try it! It really works! It did for me and I know it can for anyone who sincerely asks.

We went to hurricane for the afternoon session with my fam and then had a nice bbq with some extended family and friends in nice weather outback. Eth and I jumped on the tramp...a lot! Then all the guys in the family competed in their weekly game of croquet...which includes a lot of "good luck" kiss requests from the hubby so you can see why it's easily one of my favorite games!

My cousins brandi and travis recently had their baby girl. London Alice, the tiniest cutest little thing. She brought her over for dinner sunday night so we got to love on her. I like to think of it as getting our baby fix in for the day so we don't have to make one of our own yet! I am not ready for that yet..but I am excited for it!
I mean how precious is this? He is such a natural with babies/kids. This is only his maybe third time holding a newborn and he handled it like a pro. And would you look at that dimple!

I love the look on her face. she really likes me, just take my word for it. 

London Alice Lebaron

Ethan cut and seasoned our meat on his own at the byom (bring your own meat) bbq. Stud. Then he said babe, come take a picture of me. haha It's a very rare occasion when he actually asks me to take his picture!

Brayden and I got to play with play-dough during keep us quiet. ;)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Baby Shower & April Fools!

Last night we had a baby shower for melissa and baby carollie! It was a lot of fun and we had a great turn out. We had lots of games planned but never even got around to them because everyone was too busy eating, chatting, and just enjoying each others company. Those are my kinds of parties. We had a little
"DYI headband" station set up and got some really cute headbands out of it. Baby Carollie will be such a stylin little girl! It was nice to see so much support and love from family and friends for melissa! She's an amazing sister in law!

I have the prettiest family. All the girl cousins around the same age...just missing kenz and whit :(

This little stinker kept trying to steal some food...surprisingly he kept going for the fruit instead of cookies or doughnuts!

 Some of the deocrations I made one night while i was feeling all crafty!

 Some of the headbands that the girls made! Melissa, mom, shay, and I are gonna make more on sunday during conference!


Every year, without fail, my grandma campbell would call all the families and say "hurry go look outside, theirs a helicopter pulling a horse trailer!" This little story is a fun memory for the whole family now that grandma is no longer with us. I just loved how she really got into the spirit of the little holiday...even if it was the same joke EVERY year! So this year I wanted to something crazy and fun for eth but sadly I forgot about April fools until the night here's what I did! Eth was so confused as to why I would do this one random morning! I had to clue him in on the date...then he thought I was pretty funny...I think!


 *GOOD LUCK* (that's duct tape on the toilet paper roll)

Oh and I covered the shower head in tinfoil. I left for work earlier though so I'm not sure how that one turned out! haha April Fools!!