Thursday, May 28, 2015


Today was not our typical Thursday. Dad wanted to hike up in Zion one more time before Kyson left and since we both didn't work *surprisingly* we tagged along! Such a beautiful day for a hike and not too big of a crowd up there. Mom was a bit nervous hiking Angels Landing but she really did awesome, we even managed to keep up with the guys most of the way! It always feels so nice to get out and enjoy some sun & explore.  

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

EMERY II Las Vegas

Ethan found out one of his favorite bands was coming to a bar in Las Vegas this month and was begging me to go because it was scheduled on a Wednesday night! But the way I saw it, if my husbands favorite band is coming to a town only two hours away, we would be there! <3 We even took the husband to the cheesecake factory for his first time!  Even though we didn't get back until 3 am I don't regret it, because the night we had was so much fun! 

May Madness!!

Madness is literally what I think of when I go over this past months activities. Madness in a good way though. It's been a crazy month filled with lots of fun and long lasting memories. We have been busy moving in to our new place and after being here for the past month we have pretty much settled in, with the exception of a few bare walls!

This month we have been blessed to spend quite a few days at the temple!! Last Saturday we were able to witness the wedding ceremony of our friends Zak and Jaquie. It was beautiful weather and the reception was a party! Ethan has always loved dancing and I couldn't keep him off the dance floor that night. Lucky for you I got a video! Dancing Man! I just wish I had captured all the crazy dance moves he was coming up with! It's one of those memories I will never forget!

A few weeks ago we went with Kyson, for his first time, to receive his endowments. He was so ready to be there! This week our entire immediate family, including parents, all five children and their spouses, were able to do sealings together. This may be one of the only times we will all be able to be in the temple together for a long time. It literally felt like I caught a glimpse of heaven tonight!!

It seems Berkley could be our adopted child. Ethan and I have been lucky enough to watch her on a few occasions this month. I met up with whit at her doctors appointment for the baby on the way so I took Berkley and Amelia over to the temple to keep them busy. It wasn't hard to snap some pictures of this always cheesy little girl!

 While watching her one Saturday we took her to see Shannon and Steve...oh and can't forget Kat. She loves the kitty cat! Steve was so sweet to her and gave her a rose. :) Then we all went for a walk to the boardwalk which is one of our favorite!

Anything to do with Kyson and we are there!! He leaves in two weeks and we have been trying to make the most of it! This picture was taken at his last orchestra concert. He did so great on his solo and was awarded afterwards. We love our brother so much!! 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

National Guard Mud Run 2015

This weekend Ethan was suppose to be at drill up at Camp Williams. However, due to bad weather they had to stay in town for drill. Because they would be in town they got to compete in the Mud Run the national guard puts on in Hurricane. The first heat was just for the St.George national guard unit at 8 am.  Because I love him I got up early on my Saturday to go cheer and take pictures. My babe did awesome and came in like 6th place.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Home Sweet Home #2

Our first home.
This little apartment will always have a special place in our hearts. There's something about your first place together that has that affect on you. There were things I wish we could have changed about it. Like  having carpet, a bathroom mirror big enough for us both to look in it, and more natural lighting. It's where we had our first family dinner, our first crazy neighbors, our first family ward, our first home improvement projects, our first flood, our first married fight, and our first makeup. The memories we made here will always be cherished but with that being said, we are loving our second home and looking forward to the memories we will make there!!

(best photos I could get with my camera on my phone)

We were blessed to have so much help in our move, from both of our families and friends. It's amazing how much you can accomplish with all the extra hands. We managed to get our move accomplished on a couple of workdays in the weekend, which left us with the weekend to unpack and organize. One of my favorite parts about our new house is having carpet and big windows!! I am a total lover of natural lighting!

Welcome to our new Home Sweet Home!!
Now don't judge my decorations, or lack thereof, I'm still working on those!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


My name is Shauni Janson and I'm a craftaholic. I literally have to be working on a project and have the next one in mind or I feel lazy. I know, it's absurd! I just get so happy when I see something ordinary turned into something I envisioned. 
We were given this entertainment stand Ethan's parents brought back from Germany and we have been wanting to refurnish it for quite some time. I am extremely grateful for wise and helpful in-laws who took time out of their busy lives (more than once) to give me advice and put time in to help me finish these projects. Some of my favorite memories with my mother in-law Shannon will be all our projects we have done together. Anyways, I am thrilled with the outcome of the latest projects.