Wednesday, October 12, 2016

FALL has begun!

Hello! Can it really be fall already!? My favorite season of the year, no competition. It's been wwaaayyyy too long since I last posted. A lot has happened in the last couple months but these are just a few of my favorite moments! 

October 2016
Janson women attended the Saturday morning session after which the Janson men went to the Priesthood session that night. There's something special about actually being in the building during General Conference. Witnessing the complete stillness of thousands of members as our dear prophet Thomas S. Monson enters the room, is remarkable. The spirit is just overflowing at conference and I'm so grateful I had the chance to attend.

Ethan's old mission companion and wife came to town for the weekend and lucky us, we got to spend it with them! Having company crash at our house is always something I look forward too! I love meeting new people, entertaining by helping them to fall in love with beautiful Southern Utah, and hopefully doing my best to make our house feel like a home away from home for our guests. Spending our day hiking Hidden Canyon, in Zion National Park, with the perfect weather made for the perfect day with the best of company! Come anytime Raymond Family! 

 I work for the best office imaginable! We have set aside funds for, get this...FUN! We even have a fun coordinator, who's job is to specifically make sure we take a break and have fun! Our latest activity started with Dinner (Pizza/Pasta Factory) at Lori's beautiful house where we enjoyed the amazing weather and just visited around the table outback. Then ended the night at Tuacahn's Tarzan!!
Work is so much more enjoyable and rewarding when you've got that friendship with your co-workers outside of work. Some day when I am a stay at home mom like I've always dreamed, I think I'll actually miss these crazy, hectic days with these lovely ladies!!
(Missing a few girls and two awesome doctors who wanted us to just have a girls night)

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!! Just some fun pictures with these gorgeous girls. I'm grateful for all the girlfriends in my life. No matter how far away or how little I see them, they mean something to me!! Love you ladies!! What;s next fall!? I'm loving it!!

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