Tuesday, June 27, 2017


BABY #1 : 16 WEEKS

 on Wednesday, June 21st, 2017
It's been a lot better! I have to go to the bathroom during the night at least once, but it's better than it used to be! I can't lay on my back too long without hurting so my right side has been my go to sleep position. And you can't forget that body pillow. In fact, we went up north over the weekend for a wedding and accidentally left it at home which meant I hardly slept all weekend. That won't happen again. I think my LOVE for my body pillow is making my husband feel a little left out. ha

Best moment this week:
I decided on a theme and made the first purchase for her nursery! First the crib for baby girls room and her little rocker to sleep in by our bed. It's making it all seem so real. I can't wait to see a sweet little babe sleeping in it.  

Food I'm craving:
I can't say that I've really been craving anything lately. I more just eat because I'm starving but usually regret it minutes after. I guess some of the things I'll eat any day without hesitation are peanut butter (so glad I can handle peanut butter again), and honey sandwiches, mac n cheese, and pickles. Surprise surprise, those pickles really just hit the spot!  

What's making me nauseous:
The only time I get nauseous now is first thing in the morning if I don't eat quick enough or if I forget to take my allergy pill. I have sympathy for anyone going through the first trimester and nausea. Nausea is THE WORST.

I'm tired. All the time! I literally almost fall asleep every day at work, right after lunch. I'm getting my energy back slowly with the hope that it'll only increase. If I stand up too fast, I get uncomfortable pains in my stomach, maybe the baby just trying to reposition. I feel like I have arthritis in my knees, which Ethan responds that it's "all the extra weight I'm carrying now". Yeah, we're gonna have to work on what is acceptable and unacceptable to say to a pregnant woman. It'll just take some time. ha I avoid the stairs in our new place as much as possible. 

I'm finally starting to actually look pregnant and less "fat". I'm even getting some rather awkward stares of people probably trying to decide if they dare ask if I'm pregnant. My belly button is starting to poke out a little bit. I'm an innie so I thought I would be lucky enough to not have that awkward bump on my stomach. We'll see with time.When I lay down on my back, I still have a baby bump. Which is saying something. For some reason, I just didn't feel prengnant when I laid down and the bump just slumped into my body. I've noticed when I hug people, they can feel the bump between us! 

Happy and looking forward to motherhood! I want to have her in my arms already, but at the same time enoying the time I have left to be selfish and on my own schedule. 

What I'm looking forward to:
Decorating the Nursery. Because of our move to Georgia in August and the fact that we won't be coming back until after baby girl's here, I have a little over a month to get it ready! I've already purchased some big furniture items for the room and have a bag of hand-me-down clothes to hang in her closet. 

New in life:
> Moved into our new place! Done cleaning, painting, installing the hardwood and carpet gets developed tomorrow! 
>Attended one of Ethan's best friends weddings over the weekend at a gorgeous location where I got to #dressthebump for the first time! 
> 3 weeks left of work! Sad, scary and exciting all at the same time! 

McDonald Wedding!
The last weekend of June we went up to Ethan's childhood friends wedding where he was asked to be in the wedding party. The wedding Venue was Snow Basin Resort at the lodge that only had Gondola access. It was the most gorgeous wedding I have ever been too! They had a beautiful wedding party and an amazing backdrop for the ceremony. There's not much I love more than celebrating weddings/love with my love. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves because the wedding photographer got some really nice ones of E.
Congrats Chris + Shannon 

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