Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Home Sweet Home for Baby Janson

We are officially home owners 🏡 which gives us until November to baby proof the new place 👶#wearepregnant #newhome #babyjanson

Yup, that's right! We bought a house and we made a baby!! Life has been full of big changes for us. Ethan graduated in May with his Bachelor's Degree in Business with an IT Minor. We bought our first townhome in May and have been working on it nonstop since then. The owners before us had a dog, cat and a ferret which left this place pretty DISGUSTING. We had to completely rip out all of the flooring, bleach the ground, and paint it with Kilz. Now thanks to all the hard work of our amazing/selfless family, we got the whole house painted and have new wood floors and carpet coming soon! I can't wait to post the before and afters!
The best big change of all....our sweet baby on the way!! We couldn't be more thrilled!! We found out at 6 weeks and I got hit with the morning sickness bug just two days later. It's all still a little unbelievable but this growing belly of mine is hard to dismiss. Anyways, I'm hoping to stay updated on the next 9 months better than I have the last.

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